The Google Fiber project has entered the phase of practical implementation

    Last year, there was a time when only the lazy did not talk about the Google Fiber project. Well, after all, “1 Gb / s to every home” is a very decent speed for our time. Not many providers offer a channel of "width" even at 100 Mbit / s, and here a whole gigabit. But the goal of the Google Fiber project is not to increase the bandwidth of the home network, but to test new types of web applications, including services related to HD-video. Last year, so many applications from American cities were submitted for the Google Fiber project that the project initiators even delayed its second stage, since more time was spent on the analysis of applications than originally planned. And so, the other day it became known that Google Fiber has already begun work at Stanford University.

    This was reported by one of the students of Stanford University, unsubscribed on Reddit. As a proof that the Google Fiber project still works, the student attached a screenshot from speedtest.

    It would be better, of course, if he posted some screenshot of downloading a group of files from a torrent server, it would be more obvious. By the way, in Ukraine Beeline, and later Kyivstar, bought by Beeline, began to offer users a connection to the Network at a speed of 100 Mbps. And the claimed speed really was, similar screenshots were laid out by my friends.

    Now, if the screen showed speed in gigabit, then it would be possible to envy, but for now there is nothing special to envy. But the main thing, of course, is not speed, but the fact that the Google Fiber project has really begun work, and judging by the statements of the project participants, other settlements participating in the project will soon be connected to the Google Fiber network.

    Now, by the way, Stanford students are connected to the high-speed network, paying only for the installation and pulling of the cable to the house. Students will not pay for the connection for a year - this is why a very large number of connected people rejoice. Well, it remains to hope that the project will go smoothly, the testing phase will be successful, and soon the gigabit Internet channel at home will become the standard. And not only in the USA.

    Via anandtech + Reddit

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