CNET provides detailed information on hacker attacks

    According to CNET, the number of hackers is now simply amazing. Over the past few months, there have been many computer attacks, network penetration and information leakage. Apparently, this will happen daily.

    CNET has already written that the hacker season is open, and even written about those behind it all . Now they decided to provide a chronological table of the list of attacks , so that anyone could watch the activities of hackers. It is planned to constantly update the list.

    The list is really quite interesting. Judging by it, quite a large number of large organizations were attacked. Such as: Sony, PlayStation, Nintendo, Electronic Arts, Sega, NATO, Apple, Toshiba, Turkish and Danish governments, and many others. Also, hundreds of users of the Gmail service were under attack. Motives and attack methods are also given in the table. Some interesting examples translated into Russian can be found here .

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