Sharp has released the world's first tablet with an NFC chip

    The other day, the announcement of a new Android tablet released by Sharp took place. A tablet as a tablet, quite nice, but not particularly different from the mass of other similar devices. Its only difference is the NFC chip, which allows you to make quick payments in stores, restaurants and cafes (well, and vending machines), which have the appropriate equipment. The tablet model was called RW-T107, and it seems that this is really the first tablet in the world with a similar chip.

    By the way, first of all, the RW-T107 tablet will go first to stores in Japan, in the amount of 5 thousand pieces. It is in this country that NFC technology has so far received the greatest distribution. The device will go on sale on September 5, so if someone is now in Japan, and will remain there until September 5, you can buy a device and review it on Habré.

    The detailed technical specifications of the device, unfortunately, are unknown, but it is clear that there are headphone jacks, there are speakers, a microUSB port, a SIM card slot, an HDMI port. The tablet display size is 7 inches.

    Via slashgear

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