Alerts from Zabbix by phone call

    I have been using zabbix for a long time and have been reading Habr for a long time.

    The idea of ​​teaching Zabbix to speak in a voice has been visiting me for a long time, and even made a system that in a wonderful voice informed the night support what happened.
    Today I read the mxx post about nagios by phone and I was immediately overtaken by the thought of screwing this to my system.

    After two and a half hours everything worked, and since they asked for such a solution in the comments on the original post, I will publish it here.

    Step # 1 - Prerequisites. We put festival and pjsip
    sudo aptitude install festival

    pjsip (see post mxx )

    Step # 2 - Config zabbix_server
    zabbix@zabbix-new:~$ grep AlertScript /etc/zabbix/zabbix_server.conf 
    ### Option: AlertScriptsPath

    Step number 3 - zabbiksa scripts
    zabbix@zabbix-new:~$ cat /home/zabbix/bin/sipalarm 
    STAMP=`date +%s`
    add_to_spool () {
    	text2wave <(echo $2) > $SPOOL/$STAMP$1.wav
    add_to_spool "$1" "$2"
    $HOME/bin/sipnd &

    zabbix@zabbix-new:~$ cat /home/zabbix/bin/sipnd    
    die () {
    	echo "$1"
    	exit 0
    check_lock () { 
    	test -e $HOME/sipnd.lock && die "already running"
    get_lock () {
    	echo $$ > $HOME/sipnd.lock
    drop_lock () {
    	rm $HOME/sipnd.lock
    check_lock; get_lock
    for i in $SPOOL/*.wav; do
    	echo "DEBUG: pjsua --config-file=/etc/pjsua.cfg --play-file=$i sip:$ --auto-play"
    	( sleep 60 && echo q ) | pjsua --config-file=/etc/pjsua.cfg --play-file=$i sip:$ --auto-play
    	rm $i

    Step №4 - Configuring alerts
    First add a new alert tool

    Then give the user an address (in our case, mobile number)

    And in the Action settings, specify the delivery of the alert to this user with a freshly defined tool.

    * - the + sign in the number is important
    * - zabbix will only speak the trigger header (accordingly, the header should be meaningful).
    * - in the pjsua settings set an adequate duration parameter (in order to have time to listen to the message 2-3 times).
    * - alarms are collected in a pool and then delivered one at a time (1-2 minutes for 1 alarm, when sending to 10 people, the latter will receive the call very late).
    * - use the dependencies of triggers - otherwise it is a bit annoying to call.
    * - only English, Russian can be screwed, but I do not want.
    * - it took more time to write the topic than the whole system, if you haven’t noticed, welcome to the comments.

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