Expert show “Runetology” (7) - co-host of the program, executive director of ROCIT Sergey Plugotarenko

    Today in the Runetology studio ROCIT Executive Director Sergey Plugotarenko

    Interview with the guest:
    • Design and business vs. social work
    • The reasons for creating the "Runet Prize"
    • ROCIT before and after the arrival of Sergei Plugotarenko
    • Sergey breaks stereotypes associated with ROCIT
    • How many ROCIT projects are financed by the state?
    • Is ROCIT ready to share money?
    • The basic principle of ROCIT's work with government agencies
    • RIF + CIB. Where did the officials go?
    • State Internet. Who should officials turn to?
    • Minister Igor Shchegolev and Arkady Volozh - not an accidental meeting
    Discussed events:
    • According to comScore Russia, 31.3 million web users
    • Microsoft launched a new search engine
    • Government Orders Hide From Internet Search By Substitution Of Letters
    • Yandex will officially distribute the “proprietary” version of ICQ
    • In the Chelyabinsk region there will be a children's Internet
    • Vladimir Putin criticized the e-government program
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