How we officially became the media

Greetings to the venerable Hawkers! Last week, I personally received from the hands of an employee of Roskomnadzor such a paper with a seal and watermarks:

The procedure for registering online media has been repeatedly covered, including on Habré . Under the cut, I will talk about several pitfalls that we encountered on the way to this.

It should be noted right away that the registration procedure is not so scary and, subject to all the nuances, obtaining a permit is real for a relatively small amount and a short time (officially 30 days, in reality a month and a half). The whole question is the need for such registration. The pros and cons, to be honest, are far-fetched. The main advantage in registration is the ability to splurge in the eyes of an incredulous person. And after receiving the registration, it can be argued with an important view that closing your site is a criminal offense. We are not interested in the potential protection of copyright, since all articles in the journal are published under the sign of copyleft (free of charge available to all, subject to the instructions of the author). The main minus is the money and time spent. We are publishing an electronic scientific journal, therefore, it is extremely important for our authors to have publications, if not in VAKovsky, then at least in the officially registered publication, therefore we made the decision on official registration initially.

The first thing you will need is to collect and fill out all the necessary documents:
- A notarized copy of your passport;
- A notarized copy of the document confirming the rights of the domain administrator;
- Statement;
- Receipt of payment of state duty with a bank note on payment;
- Optional, but it is advisable to enclose a letter of arbitrary form with a description of the submitted documents in the envelope.

The journal was registered in the name of the editor-in-chief as an individual. This is much more convenient, since there is no need for re-registration when moving to a new office. To register the journal with a legal entity, additional documents will be required (a copy of the Charter, extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, and a document about the actual address).

A notarized copy of the document confirming the domain administrator’s rights was received relatively quickly (we are “hosted” at RU-Center, a letter with the original came from them two weeks after the request). If you have any questions, contact the hosting technical support. With notarization, problems should not arise. We all accepted and assured without comment.

The main difficulties arose when filling out the questionnaire of Roskomnadzor. Starting from the seventh paragraph, it is necessary to indicate the estimated frequency of release, the maximum volume and the estimated territory of distribution. For the site, these criteria are not suitable, but the fields must be filled out. We indicated as periodicity the data on the pdf-version of our journal (4 times a year), and Russia and foreign countries were chosen as the distribution area. At the same time, the size of the state duty increases, but otherwise you may simply not be registered. The most interesting thing was with the volume. I have little idea of ​​what volumes we will operate even in the next five years. Maybe we will continue to publish a pdf file compressed up to 10 megabytes, or maybe we will decide to lay out a 20 terabyte database of ground cover photo images? And how to be if we post it not on our server? As a result, we exhausted the attempts to solve this problem in a logical way and, taking responsibility, I indicated 1024 ^ 999 bytes in the questionnaire as a totalitarian decision, which even in translation into yottabytes represents a huge number. I can’t guarantee it, but I suspect that in terms of maximum volume we have become absolute champions.

Separately, state duty should be mentioned. Its size depends on the type of publication (the amount is higher for erotic), the volume of advertising (if the threshold is exceeded 40%, the amount increases) and the region of distribution (registration of regional media is cheaper). All this you can find on the website of Roskomnadzor . The only thing they don’t talk openly about is that the amount of the state duty for registering educational, cultural and educational media is reduced by 5 times. This can only be deducted in the attached documents. In order to avoid unnecessary questions, we indicated this by the first phrase in the receipt on payment of state duty and paragraph 6 of the questionnaire (“Sample topics”): “Media for educational and cultural purposes ...”.

In addition to the application for registration of electronic media, we filed a similar application for registration of print media with the same name. The letters were sent on the same day of July, and in mid-September they refused to register the printed publication, because the publication with the same form of distribution and the same name (“Laboratory Journal”) was already registered. For the future lesson, if you want to register the media, make sure that no one has used the name and distribution form of your choice before you.

The message upset, but did not kill, the hope of successful registration of the electronic version of the magazine. But the second letter never arrived. The first two weeks I sinned at the Russian Post, however, later I found on the Roskomnadzor website confirmation of successful registration. Why didn’t they send the second letter?

I was lucky with the opportunity, in mid-October in Pushchino (Moscow region) a conference was held, of which I was honored to be a participant. Taking advantage of this, I went to Moscow, where at the address Kitaygorodsky pr., D. 7, p. 2 I took the finished certificate (it was necessary to mention its number). The girl who gave it to me very sadly asked: "Why do you never call on the phone before coming?" To my question, why did not they send the ready-made documents of an intelligible answer for so long, I never received. Perhaps they just forgot about them. Despite this, the work of Roskomnadzor in terms of courtesy and the issuance of documents left a rather positive impression, especially thanks to the electronic queue and easy access to the building.

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