VOIP Phone Voxtel Access 1500

    Somehow I needed to buy an inexpensive Skype handset. At first I thought of taking something from cheap wired ones, but they disappeared from the sale with us somewhere. While I was shopping, in Svyaznoy I saw Voxtel Access 1500 - a wireless USB / DECT-phone. At a price of 500 rubles, it looks good against the background of cheap USB tubes, so I bought it without talking - even if it turns out to be rubbish like a Skype phone, it can always be used like a regular tube for a landline phone.

    I will not overload the post with pictures, if you want, you can look at the full review on Mobile-Review. There are a lot of pictures (and indeed I advise you to read). And I just describe my impressions, advantages and disadvantages.

    When connected, Windows XP perceives it as a Cordless USB Phone, installs the driver on its own, and Skype automatically suggests that it be picked up as the default device. But it does not start working until you install the program from the supplied disk.

    After that, the list of contacts from Skype begins to be displayed on the phone under a separate key (regardless of the phone book of the handset itself).
    The sound quality when calling on Skype is good, when calling landlines, it’s worse, but you can live.

    I did not check the simultaneous work on the city line and Skype - I do not have a home phone.

    It is powered by two AAA batteries. This is convenient for me, because there are a lot of such batteries at home, and they charge in 15 minutes - you can not charge the phone through the base. Anyway, hook the base to the home file wash and start skype there (I have Server2003), and keep the handset in the kitchen, and simply replace the batteries with another pair.

    Pluses :
    It works. :)
    Very cheap. The closest competitor (a wireless Skype tube) in our area costs about 3,500.
    It takes significantly further than the Wi-Fi.
    Convenient (for me) battery format.
    You can pick up three more ordinary DECT tubes (I haven’t tried) to the base.

    Minuses :
    There is no screen backlight. Nothing is visible in the twilight.
    Only works with Windows XP. There are still no drivers for Vista and Seven.
    Not universal - fully works only with Skype, and even then through its program (otherwise there is no way to use the Skype phone book).
    Does not display skype names of landlines in the phone book. He simply writes the phone number and the word "SkypeOut". For skype contacts, write the name (login) and status in skype.

    In general, for your money - a worthy purchase if you need a Skype phone for XP. An alternative to USB-tubes for 300-400 rubles.
    If you want to use other programs for IP-telephony or another OS - it is better to buy something else.

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