iPhone OS 4.0 gets multitasking - Apple already has a solution

    Since the advent of the iPhone, debate about whether it needs multitasking or whether you can do without it has not ceased. Now, from the AppleInsider resource, data has arrived that the long-awaited iPhone OS 4.0 update will appear soon (according to rumors, it will be released within a few months), in which multitasking support will be present. Of course, the question arises - how did Apple manage to do this, given that the iPhone does not have a traditional window-like operating system?


    According topeople from AppleInsider, Apple found a solution to the “multi-tasking” puzzle in the form of an application manager, similar to what is already used in the Mac OS X operating system. Of course, the details and details about the firmware and its capabilities are kept secret, because until the iPhone OS 4.0 is still far away and, according to the company, it is not yet ready to be demonstrated to the world.

    Although many believe that the iPhone is generally not suited for multitasking, Apple may refute this - since 2008 (when the App Store was launched), the company listens to users' opinions and takes into account their experience when working with the device, and the ability of branded applications to work in there is a background mode - for example, iPod, Mail or SMS and MMS. Apple experts understand that if you allow the use of full multitasking, then parameters such as battery life, resource conservation and security come into play, and Apple does not want to sacrifice the battery life of the gadget just because someone sent a paused game to the background and forgot about it.

    So if Apple really figured out how to achieve multitasking without sacrificing everything else, we look forward to seeing this solution in action.

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