Laser harp for connoisseurs of contemporary music

    Technology has changed literally everything - from our everyday life to art, in any of its manifestations. The other day, information appeared on the Web about one interesting musical instrument, a laser harp, the creator of which was well adapted to play. Generally speaking, the "laser harp" is not news, they have existed for a relatively long time, and there are even two types of such devices. One - with a closed loop, where light sensors are used that convert changes in the light beam into sound. The second type is open-loop, where the tone of the sound depends on the beam itself, and on where the musician touches it.

    It is to the second form that the instrument in question belongs. The instrument itself looks impressive, and reproduces sounds well (it emits sounds on the device itself, it is connected to a synthesizer, which reproduces the sound of a certain tone). In general, I propose to evaluate the performance of the creator who plays, and very well, on his “harp”.

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