Print to any Windows printer in OS X Mavericks

    In this article we describe how using machines with Windows (real or virtual) can be printed on unsupported Mac OS printer. This method worked successfully for me on OS X 10.8, but with the update on Mavericks it stopped - the connection to the printer simply disappeared, the Mac reported that it was not possible to connect to the printer.

    To start, I tried just reinstalling the printer on OS X and saw that the driver set embedded in the system was cut, and the Apple 16/600 driver, which was used as a proxy printer, was gone. I tried using the generic PostScript driver, but that didn't help. Enumerating several printers that support PostScript as proxy printers yielded no results. Then I did this.

    First you need to install the LDP server on Windows. In Windows XP, it is included in the installation of Windows components, under the heading “Other file and printer sharing services on the network”, called “Printing Services for UNIX”.

    After installation, you need to start the TCP / IP Print Server service and set it to have an automatic start method.

    Now you can connect to our printer via LDP. On Mac OS, add a new printer. The connection type is “IP”, Protocol is “LDP”, Queue is the network name of the proxy printer in Windows, which you configured according to the article indicated above. As the driver, select "Common PostScript printer."

    After adding the printer, we are trying to print something, I succeeded.

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