Asus BU400A Notebook - Candidate for Desire

    New Asus BU400A laptops arrived in Ukraine. We got one such. About him review.

    So, let's start from the beginning - from the box.

    The box says that we are not interested in anyone: ecological packaging. Although it may be someone who is inspired by the fact that it is "eco".


    In addition to the box were:

    Good looking, and by the way, lightweight power supply. The power supply is not a format - a special form, light, not heavy as usual. A nice little thing on the power supply is a moving latch for the wire. The lateral orientation of the power input looks very good.

    And two laces. For Euro outlets

    And for American outlets

    The whole set


    The laptop is all in clear angles - as befits a technological thing. There is not one extra corner in the case. Looking at him and touching him is very nice. The whole body is made of aluminum. Despite the fact that the laptop is “for tough men”: it is light - 1.5 kg.

    The manufacturer says that the laptop is shockproof - I did not check it, sorry, I just need to give it back ...

    The most important advantage: the keyboard. It is pleasant to the touch, the buttons are cool pressed. She almost repeats the Eplovian. I want to click on the buttons and press. I can compare it because I have an eppl keyboard on my desk. The island keyboard, in addition, waterproof - also did not check.

    Small such jokes are distinguished by human design - on the gap is a maaalenky running man.

    There is such a small depression for the keyboard, that is, the palms rest as usual on the panel, and the keys themselves are lower, which makes it much more convenient for the fingers. In general, as I wrote at the beginning, all the corners of the device are very out of place.

    Large (multi) touchpad. Also near the keyboard is a finger scanner, a controversial function, my personal opinion - no one has ever used it, wherever it is, but there is a function - whoever wants to use it. Since the machine will be focused more on a business audience, this is obviously why such a function is present.

    Sidebar on the right. Card reader, headphones, USB 3.0, VGA, lock.

    The left side panel: power, Ethernet port, hdmi, and USB 3.0 with support for charging devices in sleep mode. The detachable Ethernet port deserves special attention, there are small ventilation holes near the network port so that the port does not get warm.

    The laptop itself is 2 cm thick. And what is called "neither low nor high" - in the hands you need no more and no less than the thickness.

    Front panel Light sensor - which, depending on the light, adjusts the brightness of the screen. Webcam, and 2 microphones.

    There is such a thin rubber clipping around the edge of the screen so that when closing it does not accidentally damage the screen.

    Technical Data
    The machine comes with i3, i5 or i7 processors. Screen size 14 with a resolution of 1600x900.


    Launched on it "World of Tanks." FPS during the game did not drop below 40, the maximum was 75.

    Screenshots of the game as it is without clipping (Caution! Large pictures!)

    What else needs to be said

    Very, very good innovation: it doesn’t warm the left leg / arm, it doesn’t warm the mug next to it. The ventilation holes are discreetly near the hinges of the monitor.

    These laptops cost approximately 800-900 dollars. There is also a second modification with taskrin.

    It is also necessary to say that in many configurations there is a mouse and a bag:
    90NUBW314W21915846JY ASUS BU400A-W3120H 14 "HD NG i5-3317U 4GB 500GB HD4000 Win8 3xUSB3.0 Bag & Mouse 3yW
    90NUBW314W23915846JY ASUS BU400A-W3121H 1434 HD4 4GB USB3000GB3000 5GB 4GBGB 5GBGB 3000 .0 Bag & Mouse 3yW
    90NUEW314W21815846JY ASUS BU400VC-W3032H 14 "HD NG i5-3317U 4GB 500GB NVIDIA NVS5200M 1GB Win8 3xUSB3.0 Bag & Mouse 3yW

    As one good designer said that he decided to buy a laptop, he came to the store, he was given 10 pieces and let's talk about megahertz, and he I went and bought a poppy, and why, we ask: "Well, it is pleasant to the touch, and the buttons are so beautiful ..." This is embarrassing to admit, but it is. It is necessary that the object be the object of desire. Here ASUS is such a good contender for itself the title of “object of desire.” Very, very pleasant.

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