5-year-old kid hacks Xbox Live authorization

    A five-year-old boy from San Diego, Christopher von Hassel (Kristoffer Von Hassel) literally managed to find a vulnerability in the authorization mechanisms of Xbox Live using the “scientific poke” method.

    Once, left at home alone with the prefix, the guy wanted to play daddy's toys, only the miser-father of course did not leave his son a password from his account. Trying to force the dad, Christopher found that after entering the wrong password, a window appears asking you to enter the password again and if you just enter a space there, the system will authorize it as if nothing had happened!

    The young hacker began to shoot his father, as a result of which, of course, he slept pretty quickly in front of his parents. Already preparing to get a belt, he told how he managed to play forbidden games. However, Christopher’s father turned out to be a computer security specialist, so instead of punishment, they all neighed together over the “sieve” and reported the vulnerability to Microsoft tech support.

    In response to the message, Microsoft said: “We are always ready to listen to our customers and we thank them for drawing our attention to the problems. We take Xbox security seriously and fix vulnerabilities as soon as we find out about them. ”

    The company's specialists have already fixed the gap, and Christopher von Hassel was added to the list of recognized researchers in the field of information security, who helped make Microsoft online services better. Christopher also received four games as a reward from Microsoft, $ 50 and an annual subscription to Xbox Live.


    The child himself said that he wants to become a gamer when he grows up. His dad is leaning toward computer security ...

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