FSB does not classify Google Glass as special tools

    Some thought that in Russia Google Glass could be categorized as special technical equipment and glasses would be banned in Russia.

    The FSB denied this information by its response to a request from the Google Glass blog : “We inform you that Google Glass glasses do not belong to the category of special technical equipment intended for tacit receipt of information.”

    At the moment, there is no reason to consider the use or purchase of Glass glasses illegal.
    The FSB does not see in glasses a special technical tool for secretly obtaining information, which means that there will be no criminal cases for using Glass or problems at customs. It is enough to print the response of the FSB and show it to customs officers and any other discontented persons. This is an official document.

    It should be clarified that this letter applies only to Glass glasses, and Chinese glasses with cameras are still prohibited. Be careful.

    Here is a scanned copy of the letter in high quality for printing and presentation.

    Welcome to the author of the discussed letter, vaslobas .

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