Startup AddVenture - a meeting place for startups and investors from all over Europe and the USA

    Within the framework of the conference, a series of panel discussions will take place with the participation of more than 40 “rock stars” of venture business and serial entrepreneurship from Silicon Valley.


    The Startup AddVenture conference program , which will be held in Kiev on December 4-5, consists of a mix of unique interactive workshops, profile panel discussions, Startup Competition and Expo.
    The panel discussions of Startup AddVenture reflect the most relevant topics of the startup industry and will be held with the participation of the best experts in their field. Each participant can register for the conference for free and choose their own topic.

    VC PANEL will bring together key players in the international venture capital business and will be dedicated to global venture investment trends.

    • Dave McClure ( Dave McClure ) - founder and managing partner of the largest venture seed fund and one of the largest startup accelerators in the US 500 Startups ;
    • Than Sertoglu ( Cem Sertoglu ) - partner Earlybird Venture Capital ;
    • Rupesh Chatwani ( Rupesh Chatwani ) - venture investor in EBRD ;
    • Marcin Hejka - Managing Director of Intel Capital in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Russia;
    Alexander Galitsky - Managing Partner of Almaz Capital .

    ANGEL PANELwill bring together the most active business angels of the USA and Russia and will be devoted to issues that every startup is keenly interested in, namely, how to draw the attention of business angels to their project and what are the features of mutually beneficial transactions with them.

    Evan Nisselson (Evan Niselson) - partner of LDV Labs
    Kaushal Chokshi (Koshal Chokshi) - president of Cross Border Angels
    Igor Ryabenky - partner of Altair Capital Management
    Maxim Gurvits (Maxim Gurvits) - partner of Teres Capital .

    INCUBATORS PANELwill bring together representatives of the largest incubators from eight countries: Mexico, Ukraine, Russia, Estonia, Poland, Turkey, Spain, Italy. The speakers will talk about the opportunities that incubators give to novice entrepreneurs around the world, what startups should pay attention to when choosing an incubator, and how to get selected for acceleration programs.

    César Salazar - partner 500 Startups , Mexico;
    Anna Degtereva - CEO of Happy Farm , Ukraine;
    Piotr Wilam - Partner, Innovation Nest , Poland;
    ● Paolo Lombardi - CEO of Tech Accelerator Peaks , Italy;
    Katya Gayka - Director of R&D at IT Cluster at Skolkovo Foundation , Russia;
    ● Evelyn Buceatchi ( by Eveline Buchatskiy ) - Partner Eastlabs Incubator, Ukraine;
    Burak Buyukdemir (Burak Buikdemir) - founder of Etohum , Turkey;
    ● Mike Rayner ( Officers Mike by Reiner ) - founder of the Wise is Guys Accelerator , Estonia.

    As part of the MOBILE PANEL, specially invited stars will discuss the latest trends in the mobile market, reveal the secrets of promoting mobile applications in the AppStore, and show with real examples how not only to get into this market, but also how to stay on it.

    ● Sridar Solur ( Sridar Solur ) - technologist and founder of Cloud / Mobile Printing and head of the business incubator of mobile applications and software at HP ;
    Eric Litman (Eric Litman) - CEO Medialets ;
    Igor Zhadanov - CEO Readdle ;
    ● Michael Geer is COO of Dream Industries .

    The best experts in the field of e-commerce will talk about which products are currently selling best and how to work with payments and delivery.

    Eric Litman(Eric Litman) - CEO Medialets ;
    ● Marvin Liao - consultant and ideological leader, a popular mentor in the USA and Europe;
    Ralf Wenzel - CEO of Foodpanda .

    FINTECH PANEL will be devoted to the evolution of on-line payments and practical tips on how to build relationships with banks. One of the panel's speakers is Mike Sigal (CEO of Agile Credit ), who has 20 years of experience in building innovative technology businesses for existing and emerging companies. Previously, he was involved in strategic consulting for large organizations, including the Fortune 500 and the government.

    The Startup AddVenture provides a unique opportunity to meet with the world's leading media experts. They will talk about what changes are happening now in the media world, how resources are adapting and achieving success in the new environment. Separately, they will touch on the topic of news and on which news from startups are interested in media resources.

    ● Ben Rooney ( Ben Rooney ) - technology editor at the Wall Street General Journal , Europe;
    ● Mike Butcher ( Officers Mike Butcher ) - editor of Techcrunch Europe ;
    Robin Wauters - European editor of the technical blog The Next Web ;
    Alexander Tkachenko- CEO of “ 1 + 1 media ”.

    GROWTH HACKING PANEL will reveal questions about where to find traffic and how to turn it into customers, how to grow a startup from an idea to a successful business.

    ● Marvin Liao ( by Marvin Liao ) - consultant and thought leader, mentor popular in the US and Europe
    ● Paul Papadimitriou ( Paul Papadimitriou ) - consultant the Digital Intelligence ;
    ● Alejandro Barrera - CEO and founder of Press42 , a successful entrepreneur and strategy consultant;
    ● Alex Hunter ( Alex Hunter ) - CEO of the Rushmore .

    You can find out more information and register for participation on the Startup AddVenture website

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