Financial Book - what have I spent so much on?


    Probably many are faced with the problem of uncertainty why at the end of the month the expenses amounted to n-amount, but the amount seems large, because I didn’t buy anything of this kind? We decided to create an application that could be used every day very quickly, easily, near the cash register, in the car, everywhere.

    It all started with the fact that yaosamo got acquainted with Rockefeller's biography and one paragraph did not go out of his head: “For 5 cents from his first pay, he acquired a small red ledger. This book contained simple notes reflecting an impeccable accounting calculation of each cent earned and spent. ”It was decided to create a similar book application for iOS.

    Financial Book- Super simple application for managing financial flows.

    How to manage records
    We thought many people keep records and they just have to look at what the money went once a month. For such cases, made category tags, someone writes in detail, in the category "Shop" to "Fruit". And someone just writes "Food." You can create as you like, there is still a set of standard categories, of course.

    Quick add
    When adding an entry, you need to click “plus” or “minus” on the main screen and enter the amount, but you can not enter categories, then the entry will appear in the “Without category” lists. In case you are in a hurry.

    There is also a useful function for travelers, a currency converter. Helps to translate records in different currencies.

    Last update

    - added currencies
    - password protection + experimental protection without a password (you can “blur” entries)
    - made a reminder to make entries
    - changed the language in the settings

    Some statistics

    About 400 people a day use the application, judging by GA.

    By country.

    There are not very many downloads, about 100 per day.

    Our users have written us many offers, we are very grateful to everyone, we are gradually introducing them.
    We welcome feedback and new ideas!

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Do you find money?

    • 40.2% Yes, I just keep records 74
    • 31.5% Yes, then I analyze and save 58
    • 33.6% No 62

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