US authorities confiscated another 130 domains

    The US Department of Justice (DoJ), together with the US Immigration and Customs Police (ICE), continues to select domains as part of the fight against piracy and counterfeiting. This time they cleaned up the retail sector, which sells counterfeit products (which, as you know, does not bring joy to customers).

    Yesterday, retail stores of clothes (, etc.), consumer electronics, computer components, pirated software stores, unlicensed disks, etc. lost their domains. Exactly a year ago, during the first such operation, DoJ and ICE “closed” dozens of torrent trackers, search sites and streaming sites. Now, no free service has been harmed, only shops. As usual, out of court.

    The next round of confiscation has become the largest. In total, more than 130 domains were seized from owners . The operation was carried out a couple of days before Cyber ​​Monday, which traditionally begins the period of Christmas sales on the Internet.

    Confiscated Domain List

    There is no official statement from ICE and the US Department of Justice yet.

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