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Hello. I think this topic will be read by a sufficient number of people involved in the development of web-sites and identities. Someone will note and draw conclusions, someone will confirm their guesses, and someone will say that heresy will continue to draw a green logo "because the green color of the dollar and in general it is environmentally friendly." Also in this post you will not see the classic story about the influence of color on the subconscious from the series “How the yellow kindergarten changed my psyche”. I will also omit stories like: “Oh! it’s my favorite, give it a website ”,“ Blue, this is the color of St. Petersburg, Neva and Zenith. We want blue! ” They are not worth our attention.

We will consider the choice of color by searching for a color niche, i.e. color differentiation. Any search for a niche begins at the stage of situational analysis *. In fact, we must reduce all existing competitors of the company / service / product into one table. Next, you need to evaluate the marketing activity of a competitor (perhaps split into positioning levels), for example, putting down a coefficient. This will enable relevant distribution. Next, we take this scheme:

And we add competitors to it:

Cross out those niches that are already 100% occupied and we get the result on which the whole color layout is visible.

It happens that the analysis needs to be divided into two parts on-line and off-line. Then you simply increase the number of schemes:

And then just bring them together.

As you can see, everything is quite simple. When submitting, the main emphasis is on differentiated color (or a combination of colors), other variations are placed in the "basement" of the feed, or on another slide, as you like.

Using this technique will save time, justify the choice of color and save you from stupid questions about the "psychological perception of the green-orange gradient to the subconscious."

Happy development!

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