MySQL DBA and MySQL Developer certificates for $ 50

    Yesterday, Oracle Certification launched the MySQL 5.6 DBA beta certification and the MySQL 5.6 Developer Beta program will last about two months. At this time, you have the opportunity to get certificates for 50 USD

    This is the first official MySQL exam in a very long time: the previous one was for version 5.0 and a lot of bugs have leaked since then. For me personally, this event is also significant because I took an active part in creating and editing questions together with other engineers from the MySQL Support team. And we have something to be proud of.

    Oracle Certification has very high requirements for questions and answer options. They should be:
    • Clear to an international audience. Therefore, in the formulations, we avoided expressions that cause discrepancies. Among the reviewers of most of the questions were people whose English was not native and they indicated missed inaccuracies. Or, conversely, the English-speaking "non-technical" experts from Oracle Certification pointed to commonly used terms that are not ambiguous.
    • Questions should be read unambiguously. That is, either the answer should be the same in any possible case, or the features of the environment should be clearly listed.
    • Answer options should also be unambiguous.
    • Complicated enough. That is, there are few questions for which it is enough to read the Introduction to MySQL book or the official manual. Preference was given to issues that required practical knowledge. By the way, sometimes there were curious disagreements about which issue was considered difficult. For example, I took a couple of examples from my practice, which I saw a lot of tickets and bogusov. That is, for the MySQL specialist there is some kind of snag. A "non-technical" representative of Oracle Certification wrote a comment: "Well, it is very simple!"
    • The style of the answers should be consistent with the standards and they should not contain hints.

    I probably forgot something. At least three technical experts worked on each issue: the author and at least two reviewers, plus experts from Oracle Certification, who took care of the style, compliance with standards, and literacy.

    The exam turned out to be difficult. If you decide to take it, view the list from the Exam Topics tabs. These are the topics you need to know in order to successfully answer questions. Manual books, as it was for the certificate for 5.0, are not available now. There are trainings, but they are not 100% consistent with the exam.

    There are more questions in the beta version than there will be in the final version and not all of them will be counted (see Exam Scoring Policy ), but this is a great opportunity to get a certificate.

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