Events that influenced your development in childhood

    UPD: the game is out .


    There is such a story. I noticed that at some point I began to note important things for myself for the development of the child. For example, in my childhood, I first had a modular designer with a motor, wheels, batteries, and so on, and then a modular radio designer. These two subjects greatly influenced what I later became interested in in the future.

    Another example - in childhood, you must definitely go to the Polytechnic and Archaeological Museums of Moscow. Or, for example, I remember such things: the first good NF, presented at 8 years old; the grandfather who taught me how to draw handwriting in 15 minutes; chess every weekend; huge box of lego and so on. And there are thousands of such events.

    I have a request. Let's throw in important and interesting things that can and should be done with a child up to about 10 years old. Surely you have such “checkpoints” that you remember.

    What for? We are now making a game for parents, where there will be a bunch of cards with what unusual things can be done with a child today. I would really like for the inside of the box to have things that generally develop intelligence well.

    What things to write? Any. Not necessarily directly deaf to technical thinking - just what was remembered and helped. One of my friends told how his father taught him orienteering, landing with a compass in an unfamiliar place - such examples will also be very useful.

    And yes - thanks in advance.

    UPD . I will raise the sentences in the topic (and remove the replays):
    Sterheltalks about cool Soviet designers, homemade bows and wood burning.
    Zibx advises a computer where there is nothing but a simple programming environment.
    GreatRash features a weird toy clearly associated with the romance of space.
    Dimond17 from deep minuses advises to give a car to steer.
    vsabadazh says that he took apart a bunch of technical devices at home and read TSB.
    @ 5nak advises collecting an airplane model, going camping and exploring a bunch of objects (and having your things and tasks on the campaign).
    bukt broke BK-01 and learned to repair it. This is probably why he is on Habré.
    stalkers talks about a bunch of nonfiction.
    clopsgives advice on how to become a biker - a piece of cardboard on a bicycle frame. And advises to paint different models.
    vladimirovich became an incredibly happy person when he could not eat a casserole. Optional.
    may-cat describes modeling dumplings with grandma and programming. And he talks about fairy tales about Kurochka Ryaba and the laws of physics (and in general, fairy tales are cool). And about how he watched TV in another language.
    AlexeiZavjalov says about the opportunity not to go to kindergarten.
    kleevahew watched tv during "adult" and saw ChGK.
    danl advises flying in a large plane from a large airport.
    Alliceinwonders recommends going with a child to a large tech production.
    samlabs821 made domino houses.
    akurganow recommends karting or some other kind of motorsport.
    TomashUA talks about the benefits of DIY with a saw and about a soldering iron from a needle.
    shoorick : camping trips , a bicycle, designers, a choir and a couple of music schools, the Young Technician magazine and a sea of ​​books at home, including science fiction and encyclopedias.
    ncix is a great and useful comment right away .
    yupic - chemical experiments at home.
    aavezel is another useful long comment .
    akurganow adds that you don’t have to go to school, but you can go to work with dad one day.
    Quiensabemade a homemade lathe from a drill.
    lanseg collected the incubator.
    wersii suggested filmstrips.
    Halt experimented with carbide and made many other dangerous things.
    YgReEk talks about a camp in the forest.
    mahowik with another long list .
    edwardspec recommends getting a dog.
    4wert talks about a chair house and a snow fortress.
    57DeD remembered about physical letters to other cities.
    Bigzver is a live music concert.
    Powerhead set up inhuman experiments on cockroaches.
    aksyutenko added another list .
    iriscrm also remembered haymaking in the village, kayaking, riding a motorcycle from the local police, a bonfire, catching May bugs and planting a tree.
    Smart_Martes recalls the importance of sports.
    mix2000 added about a trip on the "Rocket" on the river, a house in the country from the boards and generally a bunch of everything.
    sphinks talks about the importance of a soldering iron in education.
    KVie - “Cossack robbers”, “Zarnitsa”, “Lapta”, “Bouncers”.
    zilia : at Udarnitsa factory in Moscow there is a drop dead tour. And another list .
    mazayats learned to make pop.
    engine9 has attached a whole story .
    mazayatswas a young archaeologist and printed on Underwood.
    multik advises to jump in tandem with a parachute from 7 years.
    Kidar made a radio detector.
    urecogurec became the owner of the garage.
    AliraSirin published a newspaper about courtyard events.
    MaGIc2laNTern broke sites on infancy.
    Frommi for origami.
    Tai_Neko spoke about his childhood.
    DmitryAnatolich has attached another list .
    SLY_G shows micromotors.
    alfiruna talks about a couple of interesting things.

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