A couple of life hacks of our online store

    When you have an online store, a Russian network and production, it is difficult to maintain seriousness. For us, business is a game. Therefore, we are not afraid to try different funny things. I’ll tell you about some of them. Below are a few stories, among which there are two useful ones that can slightly increase your sales.

    Free cryptanalyzer

    The coolest thing is when the store creates a positive that you want to tell your friends about. When the Brigade game was just released, we just bought soldering irons (64 rubles each) and the first fifty customers were given one at a time.

    It happened like this: the animator in the hall plays with the buyer our parody game about the dashing nineties, then the buyer goes with the box to the checkout. After payment, the cashier takes out a soldering iron and puts it in a package for the game with the words: “It will come in handy”.

    The first buyer with a soldering iron

    What is the profit? No, it's just a cool story. More precisely, she thought of it as such, until some large community wrote about this topic about guerrilla advertising on the Internet - on this day we sold a few dozen boxes.

    Minuses? Well, yes, there was one. The younger generation almost returned the game a couple of times, deciding that something needs to be soldered inside.

    "Yes you are crazy"

    When they brought us a new “Uno”, it turned out that she had a typo in the sticker on the box — a new shipment came with a sticker from the beach version, where it was written in small letters about what can be washed in soapy water. Well, we washed to check, suddenly the truth.

    The cards, of course, died. We returned the box itself as a marriage to the supplier - but we warned all the sellers on the network about such a fun feature. And just enjoyed it. No profits, just the feeling of being found by XSS.

    Stickers about the photo

    Remember these stickers? And what was the boom with them?

    We wanted to hang these on the shops. Then we had 10 points in Moscow, so we only needed 10 stickers. It turned out that this is 200 rubles and hell quest with the following points:
    1. Find a printing house and throw them a layout.
    2. To get Mark.
    3. Get a contract (and not the fact that they will give a contract for such an amount!)
    4. Coordinate the contract with lawyers with us.
    5. Sign a contract.
    6. Sign an invoice and make a payment.
    7. Throw off the payment.
    8. Write out a power of attorney to the person who will receive the stickers.
    9. Pick up and deliver.
    10. Sign and transmit closing documents.

    And this is for an order of 200 rubles. It’s easier not to print. I imagined how cool it would be for everyone else in the city, and decided not to make ten stickers, but a thousand. And then we just started distributing them for free in our store on Taganskaya.

    Nicely? Yes. Profit? Another one. The fact is that Sami-Know-Who, Ternovsky and Zyalt wrote about it. And the store turned into an anthill for three days. People came, took a sticker, played one of the games ... and bought something.

    As it turned out, Lebedev’s bench was also going to print and distribute them for free, but our process took 3 days, and they took 2 weeks. By the end of the week, two more stores repeated our method.

    +1 item in check

    Now about the useful. One simple question can increase the number of goods in the average bill by 0.15 pieces. This question is very short: “How many pieces?” - and he is asked for any cheap position.

    The dialogue may be as follows:
    - Yeah, Uno, please.
    - How much?
    - The moment. * you can hear the buyer talking to someone else in the office * Vasya, do you need Uno? Len, and you? .. Yeah, two pieces, please.

    Or like this:
    - Yeah. How many are you?
    - One. But why are you asking?
    - Yes, they usually take three. One for myself, one for friend.
    - And the third?
    - I do not know :)

    Implementation of discount cards

    When we first started, we did not have discount cards at all. We gave discounts on secret words: they could be easily transferred to friends and so on. And then we just began to record the customer’s phone number in the database and make it the card number. It was very convenient: I forgot the card at home - I just called the phone. Or gave a number to a friend so he could buy something for himself. One of Yandex employees simply wanked the newsletter around the office - and for six months on his cumulative discount card was a million purchases.

    And then the cards themselves appeared. Like these ones:

    There are three life hacks at once. Firstly, this is a keychain for a key. That means they will attach it to the keys, and not put it in the wallet - we carry the keys with us. Usually. And still often we see them - at least twice a day. Secondly, the size of the remote control is 1/3 of the module from a regular card. This means that a discount card as an advertising material costs us 3 times cheaper than usual - because they are still made on the same modules, they are simply cut into 3 parts. And thirdly, it says on the back: “If you found these keys, please bring them to the nearest Mosigra store, we will return them to their owner.”


    About how we were two weeks a company number 1 in the ranking (immediately before Yandex), remember a lot of fun and nice. But in fact, one very important problem was solved here. Two years ago, we were just starting to publish domestic games, and therefore needed the authors. The initial idea was this: write about it, and then wait for the page to go up in search. But everything turned out much cooler: I wrote a very detailed topic about the development of my game and how much and how you can earn on it. About 150 people came from him just like that and 60 more to our special playroom for authors - and a few from a distance we, plus about a dozen more - other domestic companies.

    How one card boosted sales

    I knew that geeks were geeky, but I did not know how much. There is such a game Imaginarium, there you need to come up with associations to the pictures. Warm and lamp.

    All we did was ask the publisher to print a separate card for us, which is not in the set. For distribution. And never print this again. Here's the thing: if you ask the supplier for a discount, he may refuse. But if you ask to do something that will promote his product - he will gladly agree.

    And then we began to issue a new card with each box purchased. The only way to get this card was to buy a big box. I just wanted to see what that would give. So, about one in ten of those who have already bought this game bought another box from us. For the sake of the card. They gave the box to friends, and left the card.

    A couple of days ago, by the way, an upset resident of one of the regions wrote to us, who kept a letter about this card (almost a year!), The other day bought a game - but did not receive the card. We took and sent him by letter two more sets of 3 unique cards. All the buzz is that he still does not know about it. I hope he will be happy to receive them.

    Free rental

    One of the funniest ways to sell without selling is to rent games for free. It works like this: you can go to the store at the Culture Park, choose a game, leave a deposit in its value and take it home for 2 weeks. Then return and get the money back.

    What is the profit? The fact that many simply do not return the game (it is considered purchased after 2 weeks) or come and buy the same in a new package. Because I liked it.

    What to do with those who take 5 games for their birthday, and then return everything? Nothing, rejoice. The profit is that this person, in fact, will show the goods to a bunch of new people and introduce him to him - that is, he will hold a mini-game library. And then a couple of people will definitely come to us for the things they like.


    We also have fun with games. And sometimes we leave nice easter eggs. For example, like this:

    Or like this (Startup):

    And on the site - like this:

    Positive every day

    In general, just try to do everything that you do, fun and unusual. And then you and your customers will enjoy the business.

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