UploaderTalk site turned out to be an anti-piracy trap

    The owner of the UploaderTalk forum closed the site and posted an unexpected revelation . He admitted that for 12 months he worked for anti-piracy corporations and collected information about all users who distributed unlicensed files, about pirated hosting and companies that contribute to the distribution of unlicensed files. Actually, UploaderTalk was founded for this.

    The UploaderTalk forums were dedicated to making money from file sharing through file hosting. Participants discussed where it is better to publish files, what tariffs different companies have and similar professional topics.

    Paranoia, and so recently, covers many who use torrents and file sharing. It is often said that a particular torrent tracker, file hosting or other site may turn out to be a trap that was specially created by special services for catching users "live bait".

    In the case of UploaderTalk, the worst fears came true. It was not just a trap site. Its founder under the nickname WDF (real name unknown) spent more than a year to earn credibility on the warez scene. He made his way to the number of moderators and then super-moderators on the WJunction webmaster forums , gained a good reputation, and then opened his own UploaderTalk forum about a year ago.

    Interestingly, shortly after leaving WDF with WJunction and opening its own forums, there was a leak of information about the founders of WJunction. Allegedly unknown hackers broke into the WJunction server, and UploaderTalk covered this story in detail .

    Judging by the appeal to users published now, WDF does not feel remorse at all. In fact, why on earth? The law is on his side.

    Why did he do this? Probably because of the money. Now the UploaderTalk website and the accumulated base are becoming the property of the American company NukePiracy LLC, which aims to cooperate with copyright holders and bring legal action against offenders. Company registeredin October 2013, and WDF itself will enter its staff. The NukePiracy website was launched in February 2013, since it has announced the purchase of several near-pirate websites , this company is also associated with the CashWhore.net project , which is dedicated to revealing the identities of users who distribute unlicensed content for money. About 1000 users

    were registered on the UT forums . In addition to them, WDF probably had access to confidential information (IP addresses, emails) of WJunction users. The WDF said it is still collecting information about "pirates" in other forums, acting under different nicknames. “You will never know who I will be and where I will appear,” he says.

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