Is Google building a floating data center in San Francisco Bay?

    A barge was discovered in the San Francisco Bay on which an unknown facility is under construction, apparently owned by Google. Experts believe that this may be the first floating data center, the construction of which Google has long spoken out.

    Cnet reporters conducted a thorough investigation and obtained indirect evidence that the barge with the design belongs to Google.

    Firstly, there are documents that the huge hangar No. 3 on the coast of the bay was rented by By and Large LLC, a company associated with Google. For example, here is a LinkedIn profile of By and Large LLC spokesman Timothy Brandon.

    After renting the hangar, numerous guards were put up around the perimeter in order to maximally reliably hide from prying eyes what is being built inside.

    At the place where water begins in satellite photography, now there is a huge structure. Apparently, what they started to build in the hangar was later launched into the water. The photo shows a lot of containers that have moved to the barge. In the windows you can see these containers, they tried to hide them well inside.

    The ship itself, 76 m long, 22 m wide and 5 m deep, was built in 2011, has registration number BAL 0010 and is owned by By and Large LLC.

    Experts say that the containers themselves and the method of their placement resemble a data center. In particular, the director of the companyCargotecture , which produces custom containers, explains that when placed in a chain one after another, the containers form corridors in which it is very convenient to arrange racks with servers. His words were confirmed by other experts who say that it could be a data center.

    Interestingly, back in 2008, Google put forward the idea of ​​creating floating data centers (data barges) that are powered by wave energy .

    Such ships anchor at a distance of 11 km from the coast, where standard float generators scatter along the waves (in the picture on the right).

    Generating electricity using wave energy is a fairly innovative idea that only recentlybegan to apply in hydropower.

    Placing data centers on water allows you to automatically solve one of the main problems - the method of accumulation and removal of electricity. Here he does not need to be taken anywhere. It is consumed right at the place of "production". In addition, the problems of heat dissipation from servers are solved simply simply, because the world's oceans are the best source for water cooling. It is enough to put simple pumps.

    Experts spoke quite well about the invention of Google. The author of the largest data center blog on the Web in 2008 said it was “a truly innovative, innovative idea.”

    Google received a patent in 2009to floating data centers of this type. If the experiment is successful, then soon under the flag of Google in the ocean may appear a whole fleet.

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