LTE in Omsk

Greetings, Habr!

I am an IT-employee and sent me to Omsk on a business trip, from St. Petersburg. Like any normal modern person, I need good internet in a laptop ...

Yes, yes, the rest is under the cut ...
With a bunch of pictures.

It all started a couple of years ago, when in the spring I bought a laptop with a built-in modem from Yota. Great engineering solution. Since there are only three USB ports in my laptop model (one of them, by the way, is USB3.0), I was very pleased with such savings! No wires - the Internet inside, as they say ... I didn’t enjoy it for long, because, once, on August 31 of last year, Yota switched from WiMAX to LTE standard. Having shoveled the culprit's website, it became clear that we had to go to the point of delivery of Yota LTE modems. It’s good that all this happened for free. But on the other hand, the feeling of inferiority began to overtake me more and more often. After all, the main criteria for choosing a laptop were: more powerful and with an internal modem. Now I go with a “whistle” and I have two free USB ports. This is in theory. But in practice, due to the small distance between the ports - only one USB device can be plugged into the Yota LTE modem. A mouse, for example. Or a flash drive. And if you plug the modem into the central USB ... Well, you understand. Do not offer the file.

And so I'm flying to Omsk. I go ahead in advance on the Yota site:

Map coverage Yota Omsk

What a bummer, what a landscape ... There is no presence. Where to get fast mobile internet? Here information pops up in my head that Megaphone is building 4G and more recently I bought Yota.
I go to the megaphone website and admire the 4G coverage area:

Coverage map Megaphone LTE Omsk

Great, I decide and upon arrival to Omsk I buy a 4G modem from Megaphone:

Modem M100-4 (E3272)

Next, the most interesting thing, the connection and only the facts:

the LTE . Located in the city center, my modem DOES NOT FIND an LTE network. No, it skips occasionally (twice it was), but the modem immediately falls into 3G. If you set “LTE ONLY” in the settings, then there is no network permanently.

3G . Signal strength is medium. The speed is on average 5 megabits per reception and 1 per return.

2G. No, I did not set this mode in the settings, although it is present there. At one point, I realized that the Internet was somehow gone. I see this picture:

Program MegaFon Internet 2G Omsk

Through a long systematic search of the spatial state of things, the following facts are clarified:
1. If you insert a USB flash drive into USB3.0, the modem will drop from 3G to 2G mode.
2. If the modem is plugged into USB3.0 (it doesn’t matter whether the USB flash drive is in USB2.0) - the modem does not see the standard megaphone software, but it connects using standard Windows tools and asks for the access point, username and password. We enter the access point internet , the remaining fields are empty and here is the result:

Windows Internet connection when the modem is in USB3.0
MegaFon Internet does not see the modem in USB3.0

I did not come up with a life hack and I did not catch 4G from Megafon in Omsk.

And so what pulled me into the bag to climb? I dug out the LTE Yota modem in it. I take everything out of the ports, insert the white man. What was my surprise when this little man lit up in blue !!! In general, from the outside, it probably looked funny - I got into my bag, found something, connected it to my laptop, and when it worked, I was surprised. Mysterious Russian soul.

Sooner to rejoice, you need a couple more screenshots:

Yota modem statistics.  Usually here:
Maximum speed per session (DL) was almost 2 megabits. The signal quality (SINR) at the window skyrocketed to 10dB. Sharp, because this screenshot is 1 meter from the window.

Happy and content, I climbed onto the Internet. Quite slowly, but Habr, Google and ... And I ran out of patience to crawl at a speed of 64k. So there were circumstances that for more than a month I did not use Yota and the modem switched to a free tariff. Some kind of light in me lit up, because you can choose a tariff in LC! You can apply life hack! Choose the most expensive tariff, measure the real speed and lower the bar for the rate of interest rates by 30% of the real one. Usually I did this so as not to overpay and keep a balance between speed and duration of the tariff. As soon as I turn on the tariff, like ...

Closed Internet Yota at a paid rate

Unfortunately ...

As a result, I'm sitting on the Megaphone: Megaphone 3G Omsk

MegaFon Internet Program.  3G

Conclusions ... Yes, there are more questions than conclusions.
1. Yota catches where it is not. How is that?
2. The megaphone does not catch where it "is". This is generally a mess!
3. How did Yota have the Internet on a free tariff, but did it turn on a paid one?
4. It is not clear how Megafon software does not see its modem on a USB3.0 port
. 5. And what a joke with a flash drive in USB3.0? Is food sagging? Or tips?

Thank you for your attention, I hope I have aroused interest in you.

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