About gdemvd.ru

    While occasionally looking at my feeds on social networks, I recently noticed an interesting interview in Moscow News. It turned out that the site gdemvd.ru was invented and implemented by familiar people. Briefly, the idea is to collect data from police departments in Rosiii from disparate official sources and show the nearest ones to the user on the map. I was surprised that it turns out Yandex did not offer this. The data itself is formally accessible, but you need to pick it out from different dark corners, and the information is offered in different formats that are not always convenient - for example, doc files, etc.

    An example of a map - according to a site in the Moscow region a little farther from Moscow there are not so many branches. A piece of Mozhaisk and Narofominsk regions.

    I tried to find a policeman in a village in southern Russia, where I visited a lot in the summer - it turned out that according to the site, it wasn’t there, only in the neighboring and in the regional centers. Perhaps not all data is entered into the database. In general, an interesting thing. They are still preparing something there, about the accident, but this has not been very impressive yet.

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