ViPNet Password Generator Helps Users Create Strong Passwords

    InfoTeKS Company offers ViPNet Password Generator, designed to create random passwords based on passphrases and random digital passwords. image

    The general level of system security is determined by the level of security of its most vulnerable link. Password authentication often acts as such a link.

    There are a large number of recommendations on the length, composition, and lifetime of user passwords designed to formulate password management policies. Ideally, the user should create their own password and then keep it secret. However, studies show that users often create easily predictable passwords, such as, for example, password, 123456, abc123, password1. It should be borne in mind that in everyday speech several thousand words are used, and in literary works - several tens of thousands, therefore, if the password chosen by the user is a word existing in the language, in 25% of cases it falls into the dictionary of 64 thousand words. Password verification usually takes less than a second. Such a password can be found by searching the dictionary for one day. The solution to this problem is to use passwords generated as random sequences of characters, but such passwords are poorly remembered, and users record them in 75% of cases, which is unacceptable from a security point of view. At the same time, 30% of users cannot remember a random password after a month. So that a person can remember a random sequence, he needs to offer some kind of mnemonic rule for constructing an associative series.

    The ViPNet password generator generates a password randomly and creates a mnemonic rule for remembering it based on a phrase. To better memorize phrases, special dictionaries were compiled, allowing you to compose a phrase from natural phrases. The direct use of long phrases as a password is fraught with frequent unintentional typing errors, so the composed phrases serve to remember the password, and the password itself is formed from several initial letters of the words from the phrase.

    Among the features of the ViPNet password generator:
    • Setting the number of words in a passphrase.
    • Setting the password length.
    • Formation of a grammatically correct sentence as a passphrase.
    • Support for multiple languages.
    • Ability to select the most convenient passphrase.
    • Create random digital passwords (PINs).
    • Convenient and user friendly user interface.

    You can download the ViPNet Password Generator distribution package at the link

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