FailConf 2013: IT Bug Conference

    On November 16, for the third time in Yekaterinburg, an unusual FailConf conference will be held: instead of successful cases and demonstration of achievements, speakers will talk about failures and mistakes made in the IT business. Similar events are held in different countries of the world, but in Russia we are holding such a conference so far.


    Over the past two conferences, more than twenty businessmen have told us about their failures, including Leonid Volkov, Evgeny Ostrovsky, Alexei Kulakov, Sergey Gershtein, Leonid Gluzman, Anton Halikov, Ilya Bublik. We already know about the fails from the history of the E1 portal, about how MediaSite "spent millions on optimism", about how the commercial director of chose the wrong strategy for selling and positioning the portal, and about many other errors that caused companies to lose money and customers.

    This year you will have the opportunity to hear a new batch of reports on "miscalculations", upon recognizing which, a novice IT businessman will be able to find the optimal solution when faced with a similar situation. The idea of ​​the conference is to show that everyone is wrong. Everyone has failures at the beginning of the journey, and the only question is what conclusions can be drawn from their failures. One of the most important values ​​of the conference is that people who leave here are enthusiastic, ready to start a new project.


    Feedback from past conferences

    Ilya Leontyev, Head of IT Projects at
    - I saw success stories without embellishment. Each speaker said it was hard, he stumbled, but got up and continued to do what he believes in, day and night, without time to sleep, without money for the most necessary. And, despite the mistakes, he got his way. My main conclusion: no one is safe from mistakes, no, even the smartest books will save you from them - simply because you won’t understand anything until you try it yourself. But there is a chance that if you find yourself in a problematic situation, like that guy from Failconf, and you understand this, then you can react and deal faster. :
    To say that FailConf was a success is to say nothing.
    There were no reports that were not interesting in their own way.
    The reports of Leonid Volkov, Ilya Rebrov, Ilya Bublik, Alexei Kulakov and Evgeny Ostrovsky were especially remembered.
    And I’m lucky again. The second conference in a row is winning something on the profiles.


    What will happen this time:
    ● more than 10 speakers;
    ● 200 participants;
    ● city center, great chairs and nice interior;
    ● prize draws from our sponsors;
    ● an opportunity to address speakers directly, communicate with colleagues, meet new people;
    ● the opportunity to speak yourself;
    ● great atmosphere from IT-People;
    ● pears.


    We are waiting for everyone who is interested in IT business, who wants to live chat with famous businessmen of the Urals and Moscow, who can learn from other people's mistakes. FailConf is an opportunity to see people who are really on fire, love it and are ready to warn against mistakes that they made.

    We also invite speakers to FailConf-2013 who are ready to talk about their mistakes, share their experiences and conclusions. We are waiting for the IT businessmen and young startups who are not afraid to talk about their fails. If you want to speak, write to

    Speech format: 20 minutes for a story + 10 minutes for questions.

    Errors should be a management plan (in choosing a niche, positioning, finding a partner). In one presentation, you can talk about a few of your mistakes. You can only talk about your experience, insults from predecessors are not welcome. It is important to talk about how you started, what tasks you set, what results you got, and what the mistakes were. What would you do now?


    The conference will be held at the Palladium Business Center on November 16 from 11.00 to 19.00. The organizer of the conference is IT People.

    Register here . Payment until November 3 - 2000 rubles, from November 4 to November 11 - 2500, after November 11 and at the entrance - 3000 rubles.

    Read all the details on the conference website , follow the news in the groupVKontakte, follow us on Twitter (hashtag #failconf).

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