Exoskeleton - Fast and Modern Backbone Replacement

    Since in the last year I didn’t have to make applications on Backbone.js for old (IE8 <=) browsers, the thought “what if you completely throw all the dependencies out of Backbone?” Will it get cooler? ”

    It has become.

    But Jeremy Ashkenas (author of Bacon) would not have accepted the change that makes the underscore optional, in my experience. He is too conservative.

    What to do? John David-Dalton, in a similar case, “forked” the underscore (another Jeremy project) and began to develop its lodash project , which currently overtook the underscore in npm downloads .

    Meet: Exoskeleton

    The exoskeleton is positioned as a fast and modern replacement for Backbon - all back-library tests are 100% complete .

    Strictly speaking, jQuery and Underscore can still be used with an exoskeleton. But they are 100% optional.

    Kicking dependencies from the bundle allows you to:

    * Reduce the total size of foreign libraries by six times : from 40KB to just 7KB (gzipped)
    * Reduce the rendering and creation of views by five times , which is especially useful for slow mobile browsers

    In addition to the optional dependencies and speed, in the Exoskeleton there is also (and not in Backbone):

    * Simple non-standard builds
    * Support for AMD modules, Bower dependency managers andComponent
    * A group of small and useful minor improvements that facilitate the daily development of the

    MVC framework Chaplin already supports the Exoskeleton. Support for Puppets and other popular extensions in the process (preparing pull requests). Soon, support for ECMAScript 6 modules and even more optimizations will also appear.

    From my own experience I’ll say that web applications without jQuery are easy to do today. Similar interfaces to the DOM in modern browsers are enough with a head. Zhkveri is not that “time preserver”, as before.

    We will be glad to hear your wishes.

    Website: exosjs.com

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