New SORM Law. Chatting is useless, running away, too. Must fight!


    I won’t talk about how shitty we have here, and that there’s no freedom, and that the government is completely oh% $ lo.

    It's no use chatting. Yes - pi $ c, which we ourselves allowed. We were all afraid of him, but he, as always, came.
    And Internet control (oh, what a surprise) is a tidbit for power.

    And then a bunch of comments in articles about all this, but “What to do” and “How to be” are usually limited to “VPN”, “VDS + VPN”, “I2P”.

    In general, there is only one option now - to try to anonymize.
    In all possible ways, because, I'm afraid that covering the VPN and others like it will be unambiguous.

    But you need to start with something - I2P and MESH are not an option yet - the resources there - the cat cried. For now, anyway. Although getting information about them and looking at what's there is interesting.

    Now there is time until the summer of 2014 (before the next generation SORM is launched with the possibility of a 12-hour cache), but it catastrophically decreases with each passing day.

    At the moment I’ve tried to understand why you can even start making a VPN based on 5 Mbits of speed, and a couple of torrents per month + permanent web and okoloveb-traffic (by load) at the best price. "Modest, but anonymous and cheap."

    Services with our gentlemen dismissed immediately. I don’t know, I don’t trust - maybe I’m wrong - correct me if so. Having looked at

    Q&A on the hub, here and here , I looked at who offers, decided to start with
    “KEBRUM” and “StrongVPN” - they were often mentioned on the hub.

    Kebrum did not answer me, but in StrongVPN I had a long conversation, first with the account manager, then with the technical specialist, for which many thanks to them. I hope he will be interested in you.

    For prices, a Special Offer is now available for $ 55-85, depending on the availability of OpenVPN - I understood it that way, because in their tariffs the devil’s leg isn’t something that will break, but he’ll break something that doesn't even have bones ...
    For these banknotes you get more - less stable connection and the ability to change IP / SERVER on average once every two days per month.

    It seems like nothing, but there is a spoon of shit that makes a barrel of shit from a barrel of honey + 1 spoon.

    Briefly, the StrongVPN is located in the United States, with all the problems that arise from it.

    For torrents banyat. The acc is banned with the entire amount kept on it. Not always, not immediately (first warnings by soap) but still.
    Because the rightful owner of a gang scorches feasts in torrents, looks at IP, and if the IP belongs to the company in the territory of their country, then they write slogans to them and to them.

    Strong in this case you have to cancel the acc.
    And this is just one way to pressure. Otherwise, everything seems more or less tolerable. But this is more or less annoying - I don’t really want to pay money for semi-anonymity (that is, download something from my white IP).

    In general, StrongVPN is not an option for me, although it is the most powerful and largest.

    For several other options - I will try to clarify later - my comrades checked - the situation is practically the same (the European Union).

    In general, I am asking for help from the habr community - the trouble is common and time is getting less and less - maybe someone has a good time in this market, knows what offers are good or checked them out on their own - I beg you to comment in the comments.

    Because it is urgent.
    Because “I have nothing to hide” is not an excuse, I don’t want my passwords-appearances to be easily received, what I am interested in, etc., I don’t want my letters to be read with anyone, I don’t want my big brother to follow damn me! for my money, I am an adult and in the end I have the right to privacy, as our constitution claims.

    Anyway, it’s not good to bury your head in the sand with a bare ass - it can be uncomfortable later in front of friends.

    And all this would be funny if it were not so sad.

    And let's do something already, at least share useful information with each other, and not discuss kings and their jungle. What kind of techies are we if we cannot come up with something and find the optimal solution?

    Not the first time!
    Let's think about real solutions to this problem.

    I really look forward to constructive comments, thanks for the time spent on my thoughts and I hope that all this is not in vain.

    PS If they answer from Kebrum - I will unsubscribe in the comments.

    PPS Options like Amazon (and, I think, all other Clouds services) - all the same + more stringent rules (because these services are not for that) - I had the honor to talk to those specialists from Amazon.

    PPPSYeah ... I didn’t expect that everything would be so negligible, apparently the saying about a roasted rooster is still valid - until a wave of arrests and sanctions sweeps - no one will move a finger. It is a pity - then - it will be very late already.
    Those. we are few + we are inactive.

    People, how is that? This is YOUR freedom! Instead, you make pathos that talk about hiding is not our business, unlicensed content is not good - what's all this?
    They start to ride on you, and you are calmly driven.

    Options suggested in the comments: - proxy (thanks to MazaFakagro) Torrent download service to the cloud, and then the ability to take it via https (thanks to vitalyk)
    https://webcare360.comDMCA-Free zone with buying a server there (thanks to ZonD80)
    here and here VPN reviews from torrentsfreak (thanks to eldren)
    Hide My Ass (thanks to birukoff)
    Build your intranet ( here ) - why not more loyal to torrents VPN (thanks to skeeet)
    Secret messengers here , here and here

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