I ♥ “Model for assembly”

    I want to admit: for several years now I have been sick with the MDS virus . I can’t listen to any other audio content other than this show.

    To begin with, I, like most IT employees , are a complete visual. Communication in IM and comments is equivalent to live to me, and much more productive than communication via Skype and phone. I hate to call anywhere (although, of course, I have to - many things just do not budge without a call). Any numbers, parameters, and driving directions fly into one ear, and fly out into the other right there.

    At the first listening to “MDS” I fell asleep, after which I erased all the files. After somewhile emdeesomania came to our house where I did not expect it - my wife got hooked on the transfer. At that time, she was engaged in a routine freelance project and loved to listen to the program while working. I had to give her a program archive for 13 DVDs.

    still fall asleep under the "Model for assembly." Now I have turned this effect to good: I began to listen to notes before bedtime and during sleep (in the morning I wake up in a noose from the headphones :). However, 40% of the information is somehow absorbed. I run the playlist 2-3 times and voila - the stories are completely in my head.

    Voice timbre and talented reading by Vlad Kopp, background music, successfully selected by DJIncognito and Mikhail Gabovich create such a unique effect that all other audio readings are then perceived as dull crafts. Surprisingly, lovers of audiobooks strongly condemn the transfer precisely for this highlight. I would only be happy if the transmission format became the de facto standard in the sound of audio books . And Vlad would read not only science fiction and “strange works”.

    In a  chat interview, Vlad and Mikhail were asked a funny question: “Specific music that accompanies“ fantastic lyrics ... ”This technique is often used to immerse yourself in a hypnotic state ... Do you know about it and use it?” “Of course we know, of course we use it. It's ours method !!! ”- Gabovich answered.

    Yes, we know it too, we feel it too. Thank you, Vlad, DJ Incognito, Michael for this wonderful, fabulous state!

    PS In “MDS” a lot of classic science fiction is read, which perfectly awakens the imagination and encourages creativity. Any creative person should at least periodically replace playing a fresh podcast by listening to the recording of "Model ..."

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