Bookmark storage - sharing experiences

    For a long time I just read Habr, and so I decided to register and chat. The question I want to raise is this: what is the best way to store links to pages on the Internet?

    The problem, of course, is not new, but I didn’t come across it before, until I decided to earn some money. If before that the number of sites that I went directly to was within 20, then a new job requires storing a large number of links on various topics. Moreover, it is desirable that the time to search for these links is minimal. Another point - I have to use the same bookmarks from different points (work, home, laptop).

    I have identified several options for myself.

    1. You can create bookmarks in the browser. I use Firefox. Found an extension to synchronize bookmarks for multiple jobs. You can sort bookmarks by daddy, like everything should be quickly located. But the links, unfortunately, will be available only to me alone.

    2. You can create “compasses”: in principle, the same bookmarks, only with a social orientation. Those. people will come to those links that I add (and this is to some extent my indirect task). It seems to be nice, you can still add video directly to the "body" of the compass, insert RSS, which is quite convenient for me. Links unwanted for viewing by others can be added to hidden modules. Each direction has its own compass. The result is a beautiful and comfortable "sweetie." On the other hand - all this is long enough. And I'm lazy :)

    3. Finally, social bookmarking. When installing the toolbar, it seems to be Memorimost convenient. You can transfer existing bookmarks from firefox. It’s quick to add bookmarks, especially if you don’t bother with tags. On the other hand, if you don’t bother with them, you can very quickly lose the link. Bookmarks are either either “hidden” or entered as “public”. One more minus - the effect of "promotion" of links will be much less noticeable.

    Because I can’t call myself an expert in this field, then please correct me where I am mistaken. I would also like to know how the habrasociety solves a similar problem.

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