Dediki with unlimited traffic

    imageWe decided to meet our clients who love or are forced to love physical servers ... pulled out of the bins and updated the rental services of dedicated physical servers.

    Not without a twist ... unlimited traffic . At the moment, one standard configuration is available 2xQuadCore CPU / 12G RAM / 2x1T SATA RAID (the rest can be calculated by our managers) and dozens of software titles for rent.

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    Standard configuration of Huawei 1U RH1285 Rack Server with SR100 :
    - Chassis Tecal RH1285 (Chassis for 4HDD, 2 * GE) - 1 pc.
    - RAID controller RAID card, SR100 (RAID0,1,1E) - 1 pc.
    - Processor X86 series-LGA1366-2260MHz-0.9V-64bit-80W-Quad Core (E5520) - 2 pcs.
    - Hard disk HardDisk, 1TB, SATA 3.0Gb / s, 7200rpm or Above, 3.5 ", 32M, Hot-Swappable, Built-In, Extended - 2 pcs.
    - Memory MEMORY, DDR3 RDIMM, 2G, 240PIN, 1.5ns, 1333MHz , 1.5V, ECC & amp; Registered & amp; Address Parity, Dual Rank (128M * 8bit), Height 30mm - 6 pcs.
    - Runners: Guide Rail, for RH1285 / 2285 - 1 pc.
    - power supply: 450 W - 1 units.

    Such a configuration with accommodation and power supply will cost 14,900 rubles per month , you
    can change it as you wish,

    you can also rent a wide range of Microsoft software from us, of which there are several dozen and server administration services.

    Learn more about pricing and making ordering is possible on our website: dicated /

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