Computer advises perfect makeup

    On the occasion of the upcoming women's holiday, the news about the technology that was presented at CeBIT 2011 in Hanover seemed interesting to me. The idea is by no means new, but in any case, I myself would not dare to tell the girl that the shadows are somehow not very ... But the computer;) The

    staff of the Max Planck Institute(judging by the site, they are engaged in astronomy and not only) they showed a technology that allows, based on the analysis of the structural lines of the face, to offer the girl tips on the use of makeup for certain cases. The bottom line is this: using a camera (one or several, resolution - details, unfortunately, no), the software receives a three-dimensional model of the face, which is analyzed taking into account features such as freckles, moles and overall skin tone. The results of the analysis are compared with the available 60 makeup models for various types of faces and recommendations are made on its best use for various cases. For example, the program will offer one make-up for a business meeting, another for a night club, and a third for a university. The technology is available so far only for girls and at the research stage, but,

    Personally, it seems to me that the developers are somewhat presumptuous about the desire of girls to obey the advice of a computer program in such a delicate area as makeup;)

    The original news is here .

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