Runet Today, March 5, 2011. Experts of the issue: Egor Yakovlev, Petr Didenko

    In the Finam FM studio , Maxim Spiridonov discusses and analyzes Runet events for the week Yegor Yakovlev, CEO of Tvigle Media, and Petr Didenko, chief strategic development specialist at SKB Kontur. The discussion focuses on registering the Cyrillic domain.ukr, strengthening the role of the Like button on the Facebook interface, launching the service of bank card payments through Yandex.Money, opening the online cinema (project Gazprom Media), plans of the largest players in the mobile market Internet for the joint implementation of 4G communications at Yota facilities and the official refutation of information on the possible sale of VKontakte to its shareholder Group.

    1. Ukraine registered the Cyrillic top-level domain. Ukr in the international organization ICANN, which is responsible for the distribution of the Internet address space. This domain name is currently being prepared for delegation. Providing technical infrastructure for the operation of the new zone is entrusted to the coordinating council of the Ukrainian Network Information Center, which already oversees the operation of the .ua domain.

    - Cyrillic domains: a tribute to fashion, "national PR" or a step to increase the "friendliness" of the Internet?
    - Yegor Yakovlev: “In the near future, people will receive access to the vast majority of information special applications that live on a variety of devices. You won’t even need to type anything [in the browser]. ”

    2. The administration of the social network Facebook transfers the functionality of the Share, Share button to the Like button, Like. Now, when a user marks a particular material by pressing the Like button, a separate block appears in his Facebook feed with a brief description of the content and a mini-illustration. These changes have come into force, however, according to a Facebook representative, they are still test in nature. The functionality of the Share button is not subject to further development.

    - Petr Didenko: “In the case of custom software, you need one button of happiness, preferably green,” “Facebook needs to set specific goals.”
    - Does Facebook go the same way as Windows?
    - Technology of social graph in search engines.

    3. Yandex.Money introduced the ability to link a bank card to an account in its payment system. Now users of the service can make purchases through it on the Web, using it as a gateway to transfer funds from the card, and without commission. So far, the limit on payments made in this way is a maximum of five thousand rubles per day and no more than 30 thousand per month.

    - What is the limit for payments within the service related to?
    - Two opposing approaches to payment security.
    - Petro Didenko: “I would like surrogate money to become more real.”

    4. Holding "Gazprom Media" and the TNT channel on March 1 opened the online cinema month of access to the portal catalog costs 499 rubles. The creators of the resource focus on the complete legality of the films, series and programs they offer. In particular, the management of signed contracts with the BBC, Disney, Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers and other major film studios. “Millions of dollars” were invested in the service, but less than ten million, said TNT CEO Roman Petrenko in an interview with Kommersant.

    - Is commercial success possible for a class project in the Russian market?
    - Business models of streaming video online streaming services.
    - Yegor Yakovlev: “Just call a person a pirate when he has no other way to get content legally.”

    5. Vimpelcom, Megafon, MTS, Rostelecom and Scartel (Yota brand) on Thursday in the presence of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin concluded an agreement on the creation of a joint venture. Together, these five players plan to develop fourth-generation (4G) mobile services using LTE technology. The infrastructure base of the project will be the frequencies available to Yota. Shares in the enterprise can be distributed among participating companies on a parity basis. Until 2014, Scartel intends to attract external financing at the level of two billion dollars to create 4G networks.

    - Egor Yakovlev: “This transaction is only partly commercial, rather a strategic decision.”
    - Whose interests did Yota meet?
    - What will LTE technology give to ordinary users?

    6. The creator of the VKontakte social network, Pavel Durov, said on that control over the company remains with its founders. Contrary to rumors, they do not intend to completely sell their business to Group, which owns 32.5% of the service. “There are no plans for integration at the level of services, management or sale of advertising between Group and VKontakte projects,” Mr. Durov said and promised that his company would continue to develop independently.

    - Petr Didenko: “This [decision] is dictated by the personality of Pavel Durov.”
    - Egor Yakovlev: “Historically, VKontakte’s business is largely built on copyright infringement”, “If VKontakte was part of the Group, they would have problems with an IPO in England.”
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