Aspia: a program for collecting and displaying system information

    I want to introduce to the public a program for collecting and displaying information about a system called Aspia . The program is an open analogue of the Everest program. The author seeks to overtake and surpass it in functionality.

    Aspia is a free and free tool for collecting and displaying system information, including network settings, hardware and software. The collected data can be saved in an HTML report.

    The program is written by lentin , one of the developers of ReactOS for the operating systems of the Windows and ReactOS families. At the moment, the program is under development; accordingly, errors are possible in it.

    Program features


    • DMI Data
    • Central Processing Unit (CPUID)
    • ATA device information, including SMART data
    • Monitor Information
    • Power supply (power settings, installed batteries / accumulators)
    • Installed local and network printers


    • Installed Programs and Updates
    • System services
    • Device drivers
    • Running processes


    • Network adapters
    • RAS Connections
    • Shared resources (network resources)
    • Routes
    • Internet Explorer settings (including browsing history, cookie information)

    operating system

    • Registration information (product key, etc.)
    • Desktop options
    • Task Scheduler (information about scheduled tasks)
    • Local users and user groups
    • Regional Options
    • Environment Variables
    • System folders
    • Installed Fonts
    • Event Viewer
    • Application Startup

    Additional Information

    - Home
    - FAQ
    - Download Aspia

    Question from the developer of the lentin program : what features would you like to see in Aspia?
    UPD The project needs new developers, as well as the person who will be involved in the site.

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