Conference Program on Wireless Technologies - Conversation-2011


    A significant event will take place at the end of April - the 15th conference on wireless technologies - TALK. All operators, integrators and those interested have a unique opportunity to learn about all modern products in 2 days of the conference. And not just to scatter, but also to see how it all really works. AT A TALK, all the wireless operators of Russia and the CIS traditionally gather.
    And this year we invite providers who develop wired networks. If earlier Internet service providers avoided wireless solutions due to the long and expensive procedure for obtaining frequencies, now everything has changed. And we urge everyone who cares about the future of their business, who wants to enter new markets - out of town, in the private sector within cities - to come to the TALK and find out how it is possible.

    Actually the program on the website of KompTek . You can register there.

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