Track Task Management System

    Hello dear public Habrahabr. I would like to present you a fresh product in the form of an online service in the field of project and task management.

    About functionality: projects, tasks, comments, statuses for projects and tasks, priorities for tasks, attaching files to tasks, delimiting access rights within a project, user profile, mail notifications, Skype notifications, user types, administration, statistics and more most importantly, the ability to measure the time it takes to complete a task with automatic costing using custom parameters. You can also connect LiqPay API from Privat Bank to receive payment for completed outstanding tasks to your bank card. LiqPay works directly with your card, Track Task does not take any commissions, it just works as a tool.

    To call it another bike somehow will not be entirely correct, although some people have such thoughts. This service was originally written for its needs, since all existing services were without the required functionality and (or) were very difficult to work with, without the necessary functions and chips. Let's look at everything in order.

    To work in the system, you first need to register. But what about now without this?) You need to come up with and choose a free login. It will be used as a subdomain of your copy of the system (for example * You also need to provide your work email address and password. A link will be sent to your mail with the activation of your account, and it will also be used to install your copy of the system.

    Unfortunately, at the moment there is no demo version of Track Task. It is planned and in the near future will be available to all comers with fully working functionality.

    There are two types of users in the system, the main and the ordinary user. Only one difference, the main user is a super administrator. Other users can also be administrators, but they do not have privileges to remove the super admin. Each user can have a role. For example: user, developer, tester, translator, customer, or system administrator. The user role determines the access rights to some functionality of your system copy.

    In a copy of the system it is impossible to just take and register. New users enter the system by inviting them by email. This is done using any system administrator. Or you can simply create a new user, tell him the link of your copy of the system, email address and password.

    Immediately after entering, you get to the console page (Dashboard). Which serves for operational guidance on all projects and tasks. This is such a filter by task status.

    The main menu for the administrator consists of the following elements: console, comments, projects, my profile, administration, logout. For all other users, the same is true without the administration element. In general, the project itself is built on Twitter Bootstrap, only absolutely everything that was superfluous, that was not used, was cut from it. At the same time, I wanted to keep a fully working version on mobile devices, which was done. Track Task is adapted for mobile devices and you can do everything that you do in a normal browser without restrictions on functionality.

    In short, the Track Task contains the following structure: users, user access rights to projects, projects, tasks in tasks, comments and files in tasks, statuses for projects, statuses and priorities for tasks.

    On the administration page, in the statistics section, a detailed log is maintained for each user with the page name, user name, IP and time the page was visited. And in the history section, a log of actions in the system is displayed, for example, creating a new project, task, adding a new comment, attaching a file or downloading a file, etc. The administrator can see who was where and what he was doing at any time.

    As for appearance, now it is possible to set a name with a description for the main page as well as change the background from white to any other image you uploaded. In the future, it is planned to make more flexible customization of the external design. You ask why this is necessary? Well please your colleagues, customers, developers with corporate identity or a pleasant New Year's background for the new year :)

    The service has the ability to attach files to tasks, but it’s not so simple here. All files are processed by the script, and if the system user does not have access rights to the project, the file will not be available for download. Of course, files cannot be downloaded from outside the system. The nice thing about files is that the links are permanent, the possibility of resuming. The maximum size of the downloaded file, at the moment, should be no more than 200 MB.

    At the moment, the service is delivered completely free of charge and without any restrictions. We quickly listen to users of the service through the mailing address (the contact form on the main site, the mailing address is not published to avoid spam) or through the service

    When introducing new functionality, the rule always applies - put everything in the settings and do it optionally. What if someone doesn’t like it or doesn’t need it at all. So sometimes new options appear in the settings section that allow you to enable / disable new or existing functionality. By default, new functionality does not turn on after updates.

    Link to the service:

    Please write your opinions and suggestions in the comments. Have a nice work!

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