How to configure COLT + IntelliJ IDEA integration


    The other day we posted the first version of the plugin for IDEA.

    The plugin allows you to work with Flash / AS projects. We will add support for JavaScript projects next week.

    What is this plugin for and what is needed for.

    1. Run COLT configuration - launch the application in LIVE mode.
    2. Quickly create a COLT project using the settings of the current IDEA project.
    3. Quick creation and launch of a run-configuration by right-clicking on the AS class in the project tree.
    4. Life cycle management of a live session - the "green lightning" button in the lower right. Stop, start, status indication.
    5. Compilation of the project through COLT (we are working on accelerating the compilation of ActionScript projects, we modify the Adobe compiler code, and such a build will simply be faster than through IDEA).

    To install the plugin, download this zip file and install it (Preferences -> Plugins -> Install plugin from disk) or simply unzip the archive into the IDEA plugins folder.
    After restarting IDEA, add a new Run-Configuration COLT to the project - click on the "+" dialog and select COLT.


    Press the “New” button. A file with the extension “colt” will be added to your project. Close the dialog (“OK” button) and click the green arrow to start the run-configuration.


    COLT will be launched with your project. When you first start COLT through IDEA, you will need to create a pair. To do this, enter the numbers that surfaced in the "banner" of creating a pair of the COLT window and enter them in the IDEA dialog.
    The next time you start this dialog will not appear. The application opens in Livecoding mode. You can change the code and the changes will be delivered to the working application.


    For the first acquaintance, we recommend that you open the examples that come with COLT.


    Link to the zip plugin .

    Bugs, requests leave here or write to us in our tracker .

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