Motion control in games

    Revising my old Nintendo story, I came across an advertisement for Power Glove, the controller for the NES console, which was released in 1989. Until now, I believed that motion control in the gaming industry began precisely in the era of Nintendo Wii, PlayStation Move, Microsoft Kinect - an unforgivable mistake.

    Therefore, I went deeper and decided to find out when the movement control in the gaming industry began and what is happening in this area now.


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    Power Glove for Nintendo

    Price: $ 80 in 1989 ($ 152 in 2013)
    Game console: Nintendo Entertainment System (Famicom in Japan)
    Manufacturer: Mattel in the USA, PAX in Japan
    Sold: about 100,000 in the USA

    The first controller for games that track the player’s hand position in space , became the Power Glove, which was released in 1989.

    Special receivers were installed on the TV, and the glove was connected to the NES. The sound that the receivers made was reflected from the glove, after which the position of the glove in space was calculated by triangulation. The system perceived finger movements: it was possible to box with a blow, shoot with finger flexion, etc. The buttons on the glove made it possible to program actions.

    The technology was far from ideal, so the phrase of the hero of the film “Wizard” “I love the Power Glove. It's so bad! ” eventually became a meme.

    The glove, by the way, "played" a role in the sixth film about Freddy Krueger - a photo at the top of the post.


    Controller advertising. "Power Glove: Everything Else - Childrens Toys."


    Manufacturer: Pelican An

    accessory designed for the Nintendo 64 and released in 1998. The kit consisted of two devices - a receiver and a controller: the first connected to the console, and the second stuck in the joystick. Management was tilted .

    The lack of commercial success is evidenced by the fact that few people know about the existence of such a device.


    Wii remote

    Wii Remote was announced in September 2005. Wiimote allows players to control characters and objects in the game by moving their hands or pointing to objects. Connects to Nintendo Wii via BlueTooth. The gadget was accompanied by household injuries and damage to television equipment . Nintendo Wii

    production and sale completed .

    Wii Advertising

    Wii nunchak

    Playstation move

    Game console: Sony PlayStation 3
    Manufacturer: Sony Computer Entertainment
    Sold: 15 million

    Sony in 2010 decided to finally introduce the Nintendo Wii analogue so that PlayStation fans could also jump in front of the screen and shoot down vases. The principle of operation of the motion-sensitive controller for the PS3 is based on contact with the camera. The position, speed and angle of the controller can be recognized by LEDs inside the sphere, accelerometer and RS (rate sensor).

    Weapon review for PlayStation Move .


    Microsoft kinect

    Just a couple of months after PS Move went on sale, Microsoft introduced Kinect, a touch-sensitive game controller for the Xbox 360. Two years passed before it became possible to use this system on a PC. The system consists of two depth sensors, a color video camera and a microphone array. In 2011, Microsoft sold more than 10 million Kinect systems, setting a new Guinness World Record.

    Kinect recognizes voice commands, poses, gestures and objects. Even applications are being developed that understand deaf-mute gestures and translate it into text.


    Razer hydra

    In 2011, sales began on the Hydra personal computer device , which works on a principle similar to the PlayStation Move. It is supported in a huge number of games , because of which I now plan to purchase it.

    The device uses magnetic motion sensors, allowing, according to the manufacturer, to calculate the location and orientation of the controllers with high accuracy.


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