Mozilla earned major revenue from search engine deals

    The Mozilla Foundation, known for its Firefox browser, has published its 2014 financial report. It follows from the document that Mozilla received the main income from contracts with search engines Google and Yahoo - the share of these payments in the company's total revenue exceeds 90%. Because Google was the default search engine in Firefox, the fund received $ 280 million in 2012, $ 282 million in 2013, and Mozilla refused to renew the agreement with the search giant in 2014 and entered into an agreement with Yahoo instead. Despite this, Mozilla's total revenue increased 4.9% to $ 330 million.

    In November last year, Mozilla refused a “single” contract with Google and chose to pursue a more flexible policy. Since then, Yahoo has been the default search engine in the USA in the USA, Yandex takes this place in Russia, and Baidu in China. At the same time, despite the lack of agreements with the search giant, in Europe, Google continues to be the default search in Firefox without any payments at all.

    It should be noted that while Mozilla is generally doing pretty well for the business itself, there are significant problems in its other projects.. So the project of a mobile operating system for smartphones of the lowest price level FirefoxOS has not yet reached its goal - Chris Beard, Mozilla CEO, had previously acknowledged this. Android now occupies the entire niche the fund was counting on, and now Mozilla is only making separate attempts to popularize Firefox OS, for example, having recently released an imitation of its Android operating system.

    Earlier , serious financial problems were reported in the Finnish startup Jolla, releasing the mobile operating system Sailfish OS. More than half of the company's employees will be fired, which, however, will not hinder the entry of new Jolla tablets to the market.

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