The case of Popov-Babushkin lives

I want to ask you not to scold the student himself - which of us at the beginning of the journey did not write bicycles that were supposed to sink the giants of the IT industry or at least did not dream about it. It was not enough to discourage a person from programming. It is better to send the rays of diarrhea to those incompetent journalists who have again turned up badly, and those who started this campaign for world fame.

I talked with Rufat, as far as my bad English allowed me. For some reason, he thanked for this post, he also noted that he does not feel interest in the personal lives of other people, despite the fact that it is written in the news. Although he admits to joking with friends using spyware spyware. This has nothing to do with antivirus; it has already stopped its development and support.
It was not possible to discuss the technical side because of the language barrier, the only thing he told me was that there is a server (php, ajax, js), muscle on the server and there is a client written on the dotnet, the project development stage is alpha. He did not answer questions about how things work with NAT and about the protocol. But he gave a link to a video where you can see the program.

With the help of the good people isden and merlin-vrn who helped me with questions, I talked in more detail with Rufat and with his consent I publish our correspondence:
Okey I am using .NET for Windows client. Browser control (server) is PHP, AJAX, JS
We developing this project. And dont add now security methods.
This project not a hacker tool.
This project client software notify connected PC.

Can you reveal some details of your agreement with Exoventure Associates?
This contract 1 year for looking my project investor.

How many lines of code, or can you provide any other software quality metrics?
All the code I programmed.

What if server is hidden behind some firewall or NAT? Does it support IPv6?
Now I using Hosting.

Which actions the program allows to execute, and is it possible for users to add custom actions? Is it possible to define complex actions, something like "reboot if CPU load is more than 90%"?
Program limited permission allowed for user. And not time now this question answer

How can I be sure nobody can access my computers? Can I be sure nobody can even see which commands I send to my computers?
Yes You send to target computer command. And Computer's user see your command

Do you use encryption? Or commands are sent in plain text?
Yes I will use to security methods. But now am developed back end for project because now not ready project new version

How resilient is the program? Can I have feedback from the remote if my command was successful? What if the computer suddenly disappeared, can it alarm me that my command failed?
Yes Now there log system

What operating system can be used as a back end?
Server - Linux
Client - Windows

What are benefits of your program? Can you provide some comparison with well-known remote control software, like mobile SSH clients, Teamviewer and others?
My project difference features: remote many computers with one device.
And this project. very easy for end users

As he admitted to English, he also has problems, so for some of the questions he cannot give a detailed answer.

Journalists once again delight us with amazing discoveries. According to news portal, a student from Baku named Rufat Mammadli created "a unique program that has no analogues in the world." With the help of this program it will be possible, with only a telephone, to control any computer in any corner of the globe.


“Anyone using the phone can turn on an unlimited number of computers and give them different commands. Moreover, the distance does not matter. Even for a thousand kilometers, you can control a computer or track its work ”
Rufat Mammadli

It is also reported that the American communications firm was already interested in young talent and its program, but not just interested, but immediately signed a contract for a year.

As for prices, it is known that access to 5 PCs or less will not cost anything, from 5 to 50 PCs - $ 4.99 per month, and an unlimited tariff plan will cost $ 699 per year.

Original news:
There you can also see a video report.

The site featured in the report is here:
Interestingly, any user can easily log into the system and manage two computers at once: one of them is located in Berlin, and the other in Dubai. Unfortunately, there is no feedback about what happens to these computers, no one knows. But of course we all understand that this is just a stub, not a hoax.

Just now I noticed. Look at ip.

The site was "repaired" and now the control panel, as well as registration, are no longer available. A direct link gives 404, when you try to access through the navigation menu, the alert is “under construction”.

upd.In the course of the search, it turned out that that “American communications firm” is a venture investor of Exoventure Associates. An agreement was signed with Rufat and his associate from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
And earlier it was reported that our heroes won third place at the IX International Olympiad in ICT, held in Turkey, for the Quick Check program, which allows you to "control the computer from a distance."

I contacted Rufat and we will try to clarify how the situation really is.

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