On the good side: how Optimus Prime brought Kingston and HyperX to CES 2019

    Nothing human is alien to giant transforming robots. For example, the good old Transformers Autobot head, Optimus Prime, waved to Vegas to stretch tires on blemish roads. But instead of breaking the wind, I brought a whole mountain of Kingston and HyperX to the CES 2019 exhibition. Yes, there remained. And since Optimus Prime does not advise the bad, we proudly show what our engineers and developers have been doing all of last year.

    Transform and roll out!

    HyperX Alloy Core Membrane Keyboard

    You asked - we did. This is our first HyperX Alloy Core membrane keyboard, and it is almost indistinguishable from expensive mechanical keyboards. “Almost” because there is still a tactile difference, there’s nothing to mix a good “mechanic” with anything. However, HyperX Alloy Core implements the same Anti-Ghosting and Key Rollover functions of a real gaming level as in our flagship keyboards. Is this not a dream?

    In addition, membrane technology has its advantages. First, the stroke of the buttons is very soft and silent, you can type at night and not be afraid that you will wake the cat. Secondly, we implemented a powerful water protection. The surface of HyperX Alloy Core is experiencing a spill of 120 grams of fluid - if it is not Alien's blood, of course.

    Tough durable frame, multimedia keys - everything is in stock and the gaming heart also generously pleases. Yes, and on the RGB backlight did not save, there is a complete illumination of both the keys themselves and the proprietary top bar.

    HyperX Quadcast Standalone Microphone

    In ten years, all the plants on Earth will stop, because everyone will become a video blogger and tape drive. We are preparing for such a beautiful future in advance, and have already released a standalone HyperX Quadcast microphone. The fact is that sound recording is the most important and difficult part of any broadcast or broadcast. Yes, yes, with a bad picture, they will still look at you or at least listen. But if the sound is horrible, as if it was recorded on a grandfather's hearing aid, you will not see a million subscribers.

    HyperX Quadcast is compatible with PCs on Windows and MacOS, as well as Sony PlayStation 4 consoles. The microphone writes the voice very clean, as it is equipped with an anti-vibration absorber that removes distortion and rattling. The recording goes in stereo, the design of the microphone is omnidirectional, the spectrum of the recorded frequencies is 20 Hz - 20 kHz.

    And the Quadcast microphone is equipped with a cool red backlight. Not that it was necessary for a recording device, but we honestly tried to make these LEDs useful! The lights come on only when the sound recording starts - such a simple indicator.

    By the way, when HyperX top manager and PR lord Mark Teknoff made a microphone presentation, he casually hinted that in the future there will be even more interesting new categories of goods. What do you think exactly what Mark had in mind? Will we ever start making drones, blasters and space fighters?

    Memory HyperX Predator DDR4 RGB 16GB

    Now HyperX Predator DDR4 RGB memory is available in dies of 16 GB and with a working clock frequency of 3000 MHz or 3200 MHz. You can buy it both individually and in sets of several slats, with a total capacity of up to 64 GB.

    The HyperX Predator DDR4 RGB 16GB backlight is not simple, but with HyperX Infrared Sync technology, which synchronizes the operation of the LEDs on all memory modules. So in the car you will not have a nightmare of epileptics, but a uniform, thoughtful color scheme. Is this not happiness for the modder?

    Headsets HyperX Cloud Orbit and Cloud Orbit S

    This year, we decided to end the audiophile prejudices about gaming headsets. And since our staff killer himself likes a warm tube sound, we decided not to quarrel with audiophiles, and to go as peaceful as possible. That is, make the HyperX Cloud Orbit and Cloud Orbit S headsets with the coolest sound!

    To do this, both headsets are equipped with 100 mm (!!!) Audeze magnetic drivers - their diameter is two times larger than that of conventional gaming headsets of this class, which makes it possible to reproduce sound much louder and more accurately. Also, these luxurious headphones support Waves Nx 3D surround sound technology, which provides cinematic sound quality. If you like to listen to how helicopters or chanterelles explode on Discovery Channel, the Cloud Orbit and Cloud Orbit S models are just for you.

    But our main military secret lies in HyperX Cloud Orbit S's special combat skill - the plague-like innovative technology for tracking the position of the head of the Waves Nx. Headphones create a stable, hyper-realistic 360-degree environment around you, and the sound is reconfigured 1000 times per second, depending on how your head moves.

    How Waves Nx works in practice: if you play a shooter and hear that someone is sneaking up on your right, you just turn your head. Headphones detect your movement and reconfigure the sound profile so that the sound of footsteps can be heard in the center and in both ears. In combination with a virtual reality helmet, this gives such a crazy presence effect that diapers are needed for especially impressionable players.

    With music, as Marc Tecuenoff told us, the situation is the same. While playing classical music, the effect of a wide scene is created, and if you want to hear, for example, a violin part, simply turn your head to the violinist - the sound of the instrument will immediately increase. Unfortunately, science is still unknown what to do if the playlist accidentally led you into the wilds of Russian rap, but we will definitely find out!

    Another cool feature of the HyperX Cloud Orbit and Cloud Orbit S is the ability to connect them not only via 3.5 mm audio jack, but also via classic USB, as well as tadam! - USB Type-C. Who lacked normal headphones for a new connector, get-sign. Everything is for you!

    Headset HyperX Cloud Alpha Purple Edition

    And in this headset a completely different sound reproduction technology, two-chamber. In each ear, there are two 50-mm speakers, one for low frequencies, the other for medium and high. As a result, the sound is detailed and with good powerful bass.

    Another HyperX Cloud Alpha Purple Edition will delight with a removable microphone, as well as excellent ergonomics. Thanks to the ear cushions with memory effect, light aluminum headband, soft leatherette and an extended rim, the headset can be worn on the head for hours. And this is exactly what we all expect from our gaming accessories, right?

    HyperX Cloud MIX headset global availability

    Strictly speaking, this wonderful wireless headset with audiophile sound quality was sold before, but only in the USA. However, is it possible to hide such beauty from our dear fans? Optimus Prime told us nothing, threw HyperX Cloud MIX into the body and drove it to the whole world.

    The HyperX Cloud MIX battery lasts up to twenty hours. The headset sounds very detailed and juicy thanks to the two-chamber design and 40-mm drivers. Cloud MIX is so cool with heat and lamps that it meets Hi-Res sound requirements up to 40,000 kHz. If you have a manual bat living at home, it will simply go crazy with such a deep study of high frequencies!

    And if the HyperX Cloud MIX battery is still empty, you can always connect over the wire through the standard 3.5 mm plug. Because we are for universality!

    HyperX Pulsefire Raid RGB Gaming Mouse

    Our new mouse, HyperX Pulsefire Raid RGB, bristled with additional buttons, like the Yamato space cruiser - with guns. Armed with the complete NGenuity software, these 11 auxiliary keys can be used to clog all the necessary hotkeys and macros in order to sow death in the ranks of enemies.

    Also in HyperX Pulsefire Raid RGB is the coolest Pixart 3389 sensor with a resolution of 16000 DPI, which is ideal for getting into even the smallest pixel. A reliable Omron switches with a resource of 20 million clicks will provide a tailed long life full of game adventures.

    How is Kingston?

    Our parent company, which created the HyperX brand, is also not sitting idle. And at CES 2019 such wonders came as embedded energy solutions (about them another time), strong Kingston MicroSD memory cards for action cameras and DVRs and four-channel solid-state drives NVMe M.2.

    But the coolest thing that Kingston showed is a video editing station for creating video in 8K resolution, which works on the latest SSD U.2 NVMe. Most likely, the following "Transformers" will be mounted on it and with such SSDs. The fact is that video transcoding in such a high resolution generates a huge data stream, and simple drives simply cannot cope with the task. This is how to defeat Megatron - you need a real master of his craft, such as Kingston.

    Next stop

    So, our truck "Optimus Prime", which so graciously brought our wonderful new items to the exhibition, never reached the casino. Instead, he will travel around all major cities in the United States, attend sports and eSports tournaments and, of course, praise HyperX. Would you like to see the same on our roads? Write in the comments!

    For more information about HyperX and Kingston products, please visit the company websites.

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