Redux Basics (Text Tutorial, 2nd Edition)

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It has been 2.5 years since the publication of the first version of the detailed tutorial on the basics of Redux. During this time, gitbook counted 200,000+ unique visitors.

redux cover

Under the cat more about the textbook and the list of changes.

First is the text. With legacy.gitbook you can still download PDF / epub / mobi. I did not find this option in the new version and, unfortunately, the new version of gitbook does not work well without VPN.

Secondly - this is the same textbook sparingly for "water". Text, pictures, source code.

The learning process describes the creation of a simple application that interacts with the VK API: your photos are uploaded, and then by year are shown on a page, sorted by likes.

redux app scheme

The purpose of this tutorial is to introduce Redux to those who are already familiar with React. If you need to understand the basics of React, take a look here .


Download for offline or read online - legacy.gitbook

Since gitbook may have accessibility issues, version 2.0.0 is posted on Yandex.Disk (PDF / ePub / mobi)

What will you learn in the learning process?

  • The basics of creating a SPA-application for React;
  • Properly prepare a Redux application (unidirectional data flow);
  • Perform asynchronous requests (preloader, error handling) using standard redux-thunk;
  • Interact with third-party API (for example VK VK );
  • Work with documentation (optional);
  • Optimize component redrawing;

What has been updated:

  • React 16.4, Redux 4.0
  • Source Code (in full)
  • Text (partially + new sections)
  • Screenshots (in full)

Free, so-so ...

Start reading, make sure the opposite. The textbook takes into account the experience of counseling and as already mentioned, the first edition went down with a bang.

How to make a book better?

It's open source, friends. Gitbuka has a convenient error sending interface. Highlighted the text, sent a correction / wish / comment.

Successes in learning. I do not plan to update the React-Router tutorial.

If you want to continue to study React on my materials, go to the profile there is more information.

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