VSBI invites you to a game design lecture night on August 29

    On August 29, 2018, at 19:00, the Lecture Evening on Game Design , to which we invite everyone, will take place at the Graduate School of Business Informatics of the National Research University Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Rizhskaya Metro) . The entrance is free , but at the entrance there is a strict security guard, who only lets on the lists and on the document proving the identity. Add yourself to the list by registering on the event page here .

    There will be two performances at the event. One from our teacher with more than ten years of experience in the gaming industry, the second from our graduate with a case study of his first game. Analyzing the feedback of visitors to our open lectures, we saw a lot of wishes to listen to the indie game launch cases, what problems their developers faced and how these problems were solved. Therefore, we now invite our graduates who make cool indie games to our events along with industry experts. And can share specific launch cases of their games. That makes me very happy. So, the program of the lecture evening:

    How to become a game designer

    Konstantin Sakhnov, director of the gaming department of Rocket Jump, teacher of Game Logic at the Higher School of Business Informatics, National Research University Higher School of Economics. More about Constantine here

    To become a game designer, you must first understand what people in this profession are doing.

    1. Why are you mistaken when thinking about what a game designer should do.
    2. What is the difference between game designer and producer?
    3. Why are we all working wrong?
    4. Is it possible to do what you love, and what is the difference between playing games and developing them.

    Case: 10 psychological problems indie developer and solutions

    Dmitry Svetlov graduate programs gaming Project Management ", head of the studio Odd-Meter, developed the VR-game SACRALITH: The Archer`s Tale

    Dmitry tell as passed through the complexities of indie development, and how went this way to the end, launching his VR game on Steam. Here are some of the problems that Dmitry solved at different stages of work on the game:

    1. Start a dream project, the burden of responsibility for success.
    2. Demotivation of the upcoming workload.
    3. Neuroticism of compliance with the plan. Breakdowns of deadlines and plans
    4. Purpose and means, how not to be confused with one another.
    5. Perfectionism, as the main enemy of a successful project
    6. Fear of losing individuality. Inevitable heredity of ideas and methods.
    7. Procrastination Creativity and routine, weakness of the neocortex.
    8. Loss of motivation
    9. Dopamine swing
    10. Excitement and uncompromising as the main enemies of the developer

    Registration starts: 18:30
    Event starts: 19:00
    Venue: ul. Trifonovskaya, d.57, p. 1 (metro station Rizhskaya).

    Please bring an identity document with you. And do not forget to go ONLINE REGISTRATION !

    We remind you that now we are accepting documents for our educational programs " Management of game projects ", " Game marketing " and " Fundamentals of game creation (remote) ". Open Day will be held very soon, on August 22, you can sign up for it by reference . We invite you to apply for the program now!

    See you at our events.

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