Learning Node.js

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    We continue the cycle of books about animals. Today we have a new animal - “Learning Node.js” .
    The book that we are presenting is intended for those who have not yet used this technology, but would like to quickly start working with it. So:

    Learning Node.js

    A brief annotation to the book:

    Node.js is a server technology based on Google’s V8 JavaScript engine. This is a highly scalable system that supports not event-driven threads or individual processes, but asynchronous event-driven I / O. It is ideally suited for web applications that do not perform complex calculations, but are often accessed ... Node is similar to Python Twisted frameworks and Ruby EventMachine frameworks in terms of usage. Unlike most JavaScript programs, this framework is not executed in the client’s browser, but on the server side. With this how-to guide, you can quickly learn the basics of Node. The book will appeal to everyone who is interested in new technologies, for example, web sockets or application creation platforms. These topics are revealed in the story about

    The table of contents of the book can be viewed here , and the passage can be read here .

    You can buy the book at piter.com (paper and electronic versions are available (PDF format)). Also, the book is available (or will be available in a few days) in all popular online stores and bookstores in the country.


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