Who is cool and who is not. Expert Selection by LendWings

    Hi, Habr.

    In a last post, I told you what the team and I went through before starting to do an intelligible e-Learning project . The time has come, as I promised, to talk about our metrics system when choosing experts and their typology, and to top it up, ask you to participate in a survey on the relevance of certain courses.

    So, here is the insider:


    We have identified 4 types of suitable experts who can inspire confidence in students, correctly motivate and convey professional experience.

    Type 1. The expert works for a successful company in a cool position.

    This type is the simplest, we a priori rely on a filter and selection system in large companies (Nival, Svyaznoy). We believe that one of the top people in the company is most likely suitable for us to record a course in our profession. But we still leave skepticism and check the author during negotiations and creating previews. If the author is adequate in himself, develops a clear, logical structure of the course, does not pour a lot of water, does not behave inappropriately in the frame, then he suits us.

    An example of a suitable expert: Roman Guro , Art Director of Nival.

    An example of an unfit expert: one man working for a very serious structure was rude, ignorant in correspondence, and wanted us to pay him a lot of money.

    Type 2. An expert who possesses titles and regalia in a specific area.

    This type is the second easiest to work with. As in the case of cool companies, we take a professional, evaluate the significance of his achievements, slightly supplement the background with information from the network and personal communication with an expert, and issue a verdict. Ranks and regalia can be different, the main thing is that they define a person as a top expert in a particular field. By default, a top expert is TOP 1-3 in his niche.

    An example of a suitable expert: Dmitry Gusak , bronze champion of the Russian bodybuilding. Felix Stein , European champion in body painting and makeup, one of the most titled makeup artists.

    An example of an unfit expert: a yoga coach with a fictitious diploma, a fictional community of yoga trainers in which he himself is the founder.

    Type 3. An expert who has established himself as a tough coach.

    This type is a little more complicated than the first, because you can easily run into a skilled crook. We started to solve the problem easier - contact the trainer’s customer service directly and find out everything from them. Student success is the most important criterion for this type of expert. Sometimes, experts simplify our task and leave super detailed video reviews of their partners with all the details and contacts.

    An example of a suitable expert: Sergey Koshechkin , a person who advised on sales at Porsh salons, 1C and Kaspersky companies. Len Smith , copywriting and sales coach at Vodafone and Lloyds.

    An example of a worthless expert: one woman who was engaged in business art therapy had a mythical list of partners and threw her bare legs on the table in a preview :)

    Type 4. An expert who made a fortune in his business is either known to a wide circle of admirers, or better, both.

    This type is the most complex and collects in one list the most diverse experts. In the first case, if a person made a condition on his cool abilities and skills, then we carefully check whether this is so. No, no one enters the house and does not follow the object :) The network has information on any non-encrypted person. In the second case, if a person is not a millionaire, but is known among the people and is extremely respected, we consider the number of followers and references to the author, we use a certain level set by us.

    An example of a valid expert: Vladimir Eremin , an acting and dubbing coach who is known to all of us as the voice of Hopkins, Al Pacino and Mickey Rourke. Gennady Balashov , a business coach and millionaire who is now actively promoting the introduction of a new tax system in Ukraine.

    An example of a worthless expert: a person who cut money in the 90s and now teaches others how to make money with the help of his swollen business muscle.

    Here is such a small insider before the launch of the platform, and on top of that, as promised, the survey for participation in which I will be extremely grateful.

    Ps if you missed something - add it. If there are top people on our minds to whom we need to go and write a course from them - write. We go and write. And to the person reporting - the course is free.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Courses in which field of knowledge from top people will be of interest to you?

    • 9.4% Acting 5
    • 20.7% Business 11
    • 13.2% Driving, car repair, tuning 7
    • 47.1% Web Design 25
    • 5.6% Pets (grooming, training, breeding) 3
    • 5.6% Beauty and health 3
    • 15% Cooking 8
    • 15% Marketing 8
    • 3.7% Garden 2
    • 11.3% Policy 6
    • 81.1% Programming 43
    • 32% Psychology 17
    • 45.2% Personal development (memory, speed reading, oratory) 24
    • 15% Child Development 8
    • 18.8% Repair, household matters 10
    • 24.5% Sports, fitness 13
    • 9.4% Dancing 5
    • 26.4% Photography and video 14
    • 18.8% Etiquette, image, style 10
    • 1.8% Makeup, Makeup 1

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