PC makers will get Windows 8.1 in late August


    Microsoft will send PC manufacturers the final version of Windows 8.1 in late August. This was reported by Tami Reller, director of marketing for Windows at Microsoft, at the company's Worldwide Partner Conference, writes Mashable.

    Windows 8.1 will be the first major update to Windows 8, and as Microsoft previously said , it will be available to Windows 8 users for free. At the end of June , a preview version of the update was released .

    Windows 8.1 was developed in response to criticism of Windows 8. In the update, the start screen is returned, the mail application is improved, and the transition between modern and classic Windows programs is made less drastic.

    Reller said users are upgrading to Windows 8 at a "consistent pace," but haven’t voiced any numbers, only repeating that about 100 million licenses for Windows 8 have been sold, although this number does not necessarily reflect actual use.

    As soon as manufacturers receive Windows 8.1 RTM, they will be able to finish work on their products designed specifically for the new version of Windows and its new features.

    According to Reller, Microsoft will launch the User Experience Design Competency program to train developers to create applications for Windows 8. The company will also launch another program called TouchWins , which will financially encourage retailers to sell touch-sensitive computers running Windows 8 Pro.

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