UNIGINE Open Air 2013: about the development of games and 3D technology in the open air (Tomsk, July 20-21)

    Quite suddenly, last year we decided to hold an open-air about game development in Tomsk. Of course, we suspected that the topic would be in great demand, but the result exceeded our expectations: despite the late announcement, nearly 200 people from various cities gathered , even there was a developer from the Kiev branch of Ubisoft.

    In general, this year we decided to repeat, and indeed to make the event an annual event. You can listen to interesting things and talk about 3D graphics technology and game development on July 20-21 in a sunny meadow near Tomsk: 2013.openair.unigine.com

    Developers of games and 3D applications from Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Omsk, Barnaul, Biysk and other Siberian cities will gather at UNIGINE Open Air. By the way, the authors of the article already familiar to readers of our blog about procedural generation ( part 1 , part 2 ), technical artists of UNIGINE, will also share their experience at the event.

    Lectures about 3D and game development:

    • “Special 3D Magic” / Alexander Zapryagaev, Technical Director of UNIGINE (Tomsk)
    • “Porting C ++ applications to FLASCC: the experience of Unreal Engine 3” / Pavel Nakaznenko, developer, freelance (Krasnoyarsk)
    • “Alawar technologies for casual games, what they are now and what they will be in a year” / Alexander Pogrebnyak, Technical Director, Alawar Entertainment (Novosibirsk)
    • “Basics of 3D graphics on the fingers” / Denis Shergin, General Director of UNIGINE (Tomsk)
    • “How to cram a morning in a pine forest of 4 kilobytes” / Ivan Avdeev, 2GIS programmer (Novosibirsk)
    • “The hard life of an indie developer” / Andrey Viktorov, co-founder and technical director of Fate Studio (Novosibirsk)
    • “The Role and Pain of a Build Engineer in Game Dev” / Anna Chaplinskaya, UNIGINE Build Engineer (Tomsk)
    • “How to turn game development into a game” / Natalia Ogloblina, CEO of Alawar Stargaze (Barnaul)
    • “Voxel modeling in 3D-Coat” / Davyd Vidiger, 3D-artist UNIGINE (Tomsk)
    • “Evolution of a game server: from a browser game to a client Action MMO” / Ruslan Mashukov, programmer of the server part of Genius Games (Krasnoyarsk)

    Also in the program are two aspirated (round tables on the grass): “3D art in game development” and “Mobile games” .

    And also

    UNIGINE Open Air is, of course, very useful, but still open-air:

    • Drum'n'bass from the best Siberian DJs
    • A refreshing river on a hot summer day
    • Relaxed volleyball and soccer, lazy badminton, flying kites, frisbee
    • Kebabs!
    • Whiskey party
    • Secret Shows
    • Bonfire gatherings and camping romance

    I want with you!

    If you want to go, do not delay! The number of seats is limited, registration is in full swing .

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