Auto-tuning and auto-updating of Escene IP phones software

    In the comments on the Escene US102 review, we were asked to talk more about the implementation of auto-promotion. Automatic configuration is the same for all Escene IP phones , so we post its description separately from the review.

    One of the most important advantages of IP telephony solutions over classical digital communications is the ease of installation and configuration. To connect phones, there is no need to lay additional wires (phones are connected via an existing LAN network), but also some kind of manual configuration is required.

    Consider a typical situation when an administrator needs to telephon a remote office to which a certain number of Escene phones have been sent. The administrator has only a list of MAC addresses of the phones.

    To solve this problem, Escene phones use the Auto Provision function, which will automate the process of automatic configuration and software updates.

    A phone with factory settings after booting receives an address using the DHCP protocol. By default, a TFTP server with the address is specified for automatic configuration and software updates. Using DHCP option 66, you can specify a different TFTP server address on which the configuration files and software updates are located.

    Consider the solution to this problem using the ES220-N as an example. We will use the Open DHCP Server program as the DHCP server, and WinAgentsTFTPServer as the TFTP server. We will edit XML configuration files in the WordPad editor.

    Using option 66, specify the address of the TFTP server. To do this, in the Open DHCP Server configuration (OpenDHCPServer.ini file) in the GLOBAL_OPTIONS section, add the line: 66 =, where is the address of the TFTP server.

    We place the following files on the TFTP server:

    1. Software, for example S2_ES220N_MD5_version1.0.7.4-3459;
    2. FD000220.cfg (for ES220-N phone); inside the file, specify the name of the software file from p. 1;
    3. Kernel, for example K2_uImage_100N_version2.6.4;
    4. KD000220.cfg (for ES220-N phone); inside the file specify the file name of the kernel from p. 3;
    5. A configuration file in which the name is the mac address of the phone, the extension .xml. In our example, it looks like this: 00268b00ae9e.xml.

    The configuration file can be obtained by setting all the necessary parameters on the phone. Then you need to save the configuration file in the phone’s web interface in the Phone Maintenance section of the HTTP Upgrade subsection . There you can save the phone book and settings of the extension panel and also automatically download them to other phones.

    Retrieving a configuration file

    Thus, we get a finished file in which we will need to change the file name and a few more parameters inside the file, such as the display name, name, password.

    In our case, the TFTP server looks like this:

    TFTP server

    Software update

    Software update file

    file : 00268b00ae9e.xml configuration file, in which sip settings are changed:

    configuration file

    Thus, there is no need to configure each phone manually. It is enough to configure auto-update and the phones themselves will receive the configuration they need and the updated firmware.

    Moreover, when a new firmware version is released, it will be enough to change the FD000220.cfg file, registering the corresponding firmware version in it and add the firmware itself to the TFTP server. And the phones themselves will update the firmware. With a VPN or external IP, Auto Provision allows you to update and configure phones located in another office or even in another city.

    You can also upload files:

    • 00268b00ae9e_Phonebook.xml (personal phone book)
    • Enterprise_Phonebook.xml (Corporate Phonebook)
    • 1287_Phonebook.xml (personal phone book for 1287 subscriber)

    File names for software updates for other phone models

    F000600.cfg: for ES620, ES610 and DS622;
    F0WS600.cfg: for WS620;
    F000400.cfg: for ES410 and DS412;
    F000300.cfg: for ES310 and DS312;
    F000200.cfg: for ES210 and DS212.
    F000320.cfg: for ES320;
    F0WS320.cfg: for WS320;
    F000330.cfg: for ES330;
    F000118.cfg: for HS118;
    F000108.cfg: for HS108;
    FD000320.cfg: for ES320N and WS320N;
    FD000330.cfg: for ES330N;
    FD000220.cfg: for ES220N and WS220N;
    FD000100.cfg: for US101N, US102N, US103N and WS102N;
    FD000108.cfg: for HS108PZ;
    FD000110.cfg: for IP115;
    FD000120.cfg: for IP125;
    FD000400.cfg: for ES410N;
    FD000600.cfg: for ES620N.

    Kernel update file names for other phone models

    K000600.cfg: for ES620, ES610, DS622 and WS620;
    K000400.cfg: for ES410 and DS412;
    K000300.cfg: for ES310, DS312, ES320, HS118 and WS320;
    K000200.cfg: for ES210, DS212 and HS108;
    K000330.cfg: for ES330;
    K000100.cfg: for US101, US102 and US103.
    KD000320.cfg: for ES320N and WS320N
    KD000330.cfg: for ES330N
    KD000220.cfg: for ES220N and WS220N
    KD000100.cfg: for US101N, US102N, US103N and WS102N
    KD000108.cfg: for HS108PZ
    KD000110.cfg: for IP115
    KD000120.cfg: for IP125
    KD000400.cfg: for ES410N
    KD000600.cfg: for ES620N

    Are you a representative of one of the telecom operators providing virtual PBX services? We are ready to discuss the possibility of placing your configuration files on a single server of auto-procurement of IP-phones Escene. In this case, to get started, your subscriber only needs to purchase a phone, bind its MAC address to the service and connect it to the LAN network. The phone will download the settings and will be ready to work.

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