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    Hello everyone,

    Today, I want to talk about the launch of my latest project - “Shooting club 3”, to share a lot of the most varied statistics on incomes, budgets, downloads, in general, everything that I myself would be interested to hear about other games. Of course, I wanted this topic to be a "success story", but, we will be honest, while this is not so. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the game is still completely new and over time it will “accelerate”. At least we hope so!

    The game

    I initially had rather high expectations from this game. We decided to take the previous part, which performed very well on Google Play (more than 6,000,000 downloads), make a better and more interesting wrapper, new levels, new weapons, more elaborate monetization and add zombies (of course!), As opponents . So was born "Shooting Club 3: Zombies' Attack!"

    The game is a fairly common genre on mobile platforms - the "shooting gallery". But there is also its own highlight, it lies in the fact that it is not just a shooting range, it is a real sniper simulator with ballistics and realistic weapons. When aiming, you need to take the correction for distance and wind, and also take into account the individual characteristics of each of the rifles. To make it more realistic, we deliberately abandoned the wind indicator, its direction can be determined by natural signs, carefully inspecting the terrain. Another, more casual element, on which the accuracy of the shot depends, is the heart rate indicator. The trigger must be pressed at the moment between heartbeats when the marker is in the middle. With a little practice, you can learn to do this solely by the sound of a heartbeat.

    A separate reason for pride is a lot of opponents, from "walking" entry-level, which you can hunt even with the simplest rifle, to armored mutants - one of the heavy sniper rifles presented in the game is more suitable for them.

    At the same time, we do not force the player to increase firepower, we can choose the path of the game through skill: headshot guaranteed to destroy the target, regardless of the weapon used (bringing extra experience points - in-game currency).

    However, something I got carried away, let's finally move on to the numbers!


    Using the example of this game, we have a great opportunity to compare as many as three approaches to monetization:

    • Classic Banner Ads (AdMob)
    • Rewards for views / actions (Tapjoy)
    • In-game sales

    Despite the fact that micro-transactions are a trend in the modern world of mobile applications, in our game they go almost on a par with AdMob advertising. Perhaps, with the growth of the audience, the picture should change, but now, we have what we have. Here is the distribution in relative terms:

    And in absolute terms (don't laugh): The

    number of purchases by country, in general, without surprises, with the exception of Russia in second place. In the TOP 5 in the first place the United States (expected), then the UK, Brazil, Korea.

    Interestingly, the most expensive product turned out to be the most profitable - EXP ULTIMATE PACK for $ 4.99. I'm already starting to think that we underestimated the prices in the game.

    Sales in dynamics:

    Dynamics of income in AdMob (for the last 10 days):

    Promotion and downloads

    Here I can’t reveal any secrets, everything is known: we post reviews on all forums that we can reach, write letters to editors of Android-related blogs (lists of such resources can easily be found on the network, including here on Habré). Also, we are actively using cross-promotion - “house ads” in AdMob, “more (games)” buttons in all games, and even sending out small “press releases” to those users who sent feedback to the mail about the previous part. And:

    • Video on YouTube with a mandatory link to the game
    • Search-optimized description (especially, pay attention to the title)
    • Translation of the description into other languages
    • Attractive icon, by itself
    • Sharing achievements and request to vote inside the game

    Separately, I want to say about the distribution of promo codes. This time, we used the service from - very convenient, easy integration, chips, such as synchronization of activated coupons between devices. Limitations of the free tariff plan: no more than 2 active companies, 50 coupons each, simultaneously. Under the companies here are meant the types of promo codes. For example, in "Shooting club 3", we give out coupons for various types of weapons.

    At the moment, the dynamics of downloads by day looks quite optimistic:

    In installations for the day by country, again, in the first place is the United States, but Thailand and Brazil in 2-3 places is a mystery to me. Of course, I did not undertake any efforts to advance precisely in these countries.

    Budget and Cost

    The budget, traditionally for indie development, is very modest. The main costs, of course, are their own free time. Nevertheless, I will list:

    • Music theme (sounds in the promo video and the game menu) - $ 40. The same composer wrote as for the previous part, he is on Habré (hello!). If you listen, you can hear that there are general notes in the melodies.
    • Promo video - $ 120. Another person I’m working with is not the first time. Perhaps the video is easier than the top games, but in the pros affordable prices and the shortest time!
    • Publication of news on the main - 5 000 rubles. Yes, I know about the “project to support our developers”, but the guys also want to monetize, they can’t be blamed for this. Thanks to the news, we were able to get into "Gaining Popularity", but, unfortunately, for a short time.

    That, in fact, is all the expenses. Let me finish on this (I don’t seem to have forgotten anything). I will be glad to answer questions in the comments!

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