FidgetPen, strange lamp and splitter cubes: getting to know Allocacoc

    Allocacoc is a slightly strange brand, which since 2011 has been engaged in the "optimization" of domestic space, creating designer accessories. Fame brought him a line of network splitters PowerCube, but to date, the company's range includes audio gadgets, leather goods, and lamps. The latest project was a fun pen, the fundraising of which is currently continuing on Kickstarter.

    We decided to tell more about these guys.

    The company was founded in 2011 by two Dutch engineers who suddenly decided that we were illogical to use the space around us. By the time of drawing the first “cube”, people already had several gadgets in use: a laptop, tablet, smartphone, smartwatch, etc., and the layout of apartments and offices did not assume the required number of outlets.

    Thank God that mankind has turned out to be ready for this, and we have long since begun to master network filters!

    But it turned out that this is at least not very beautiful. And it certainly does not pull on RedDot, which is why the first sketches of the famous cubes appeared, which laid the foundation for the Allocacoc brand.

    To date, network accessories have grown in a whole direction: charging cables, car adapters, PowerBank and some others:

    However, cubes (and parallelepipeds) still quantitatively dominate within this ruler.

    The main advantages of this method of connecting something in that the sockets are located on the sides, which allows bulky adapters not to overlap adjacent connectors.

    It is also in some cases the absence of cables or convenient management of them without complicated add-ons, a well thought-out system for fixing cubes, the ability to choose a splitter only with sockets or + USB sockets, etc., as necessary.

    All sockets are “localized”. As specified on the official website, the current geography of Allocacoc is 83 countries, so all products are multiplying with different connectors.

    A part of the assortment has also been presented in Russia for a long time:

    1. PowerCube Original

    The most demandeddice with two USB .

    Acts as a normal splitter. Both ports provide 2.1A, which allows you to charge gadgets a little faster. Looks quite aesthetically in the wall.

    2. Powercube Extended

    A similar network adapter, but with a 1.5 m extension cable . The extender makes it a bit more versatile. One of the parties is also given under 2 USB.

    A similar device is also sold with a 3-meter cable .

    3. Powercube Remote

    Cube with remote control button within the apartment.

    One of the sides of this model is also equipped with a stationary switch, so now, in order to de-energize the cube, there is no need to pull it out of the socket. By the way, the Wi-fi cube is now announced in the company's range!

    4. Powercube ReWirable A

    travel version of the splitter that comes with local adapters .

    There is a "format" with and without USB .

    5. Powercube Extended with sockets

    And, perhaps, the simplest cube is a model with sockets only . There are five of them.

    The form turned out to be so recognizable that the company tried to replicate it on other gadgets, some of which we have already introduced to the readers of our blog: one of them isUSB PowerBank splitter , the other is a Bluetooth speaker , but of course they don’t have such popularity and recognition.

    Bulb lamp

    Surprisingly, the company decided not to dwell on the form or the content. And the range began to expand prohibitively, but the main idea - saving space around - somehow remained the leading.

    A rather unusual lamp fits into this concept : The

    chip of this designer gadget is in the way of switching on and off. The lamp is equipped with two magnetic balls that act as a switch: in order for the lamp to catch fire, it is necessary to connect the balls and vice versa.

    There are currently several lighting fixtures in the company's assortment: a flashlight and several fixtures, one of which, by the way, is made in the Allocacoc-classical form. It is called LightCube and comes with both an extension cord and a base.

    The device is something like a portable lamp and supports gesture control.

    A separate direction of the company's work in recent years is LifeStyle , and dozens of gadgets and accessories from hygiene to urban transport are collected here. Functional design, which is developed for each device, is designed to make life easier and more convenient.

    For example, the “seasonal toothbrush” is designed in such a way as to remind parents that it is necessary to change the bristles at least once a season.

    This should remind pens, stylized under the theme of the seasons.

    The company also offers a range of accessories for storage, folders for papers, supports for laptops and office peripherals. From urban accessories can be distinguished compact bags and wallets.

    For example, a transforming bag for a city, which, depending on the requirements at a particular moment, may be a small backpack, a folder for papers, etc. Plus, this model is positioned as a “anti-theft model”: there is a function to hide the zipper . Also, this bag can simply be turned upside down to make it difficult for pickpockets to access zippers.

    The “cascading” wallet DAX will provide quick and clear access to credit cards:

    Expandable wallet model allows you to store multiple cards at the same time and provides convenient access to them.

    Plus, as noted on the site, the card compartment is equipped with special protection so that attackers cannot access the data over the wireless network.

    Of the projects on urban transport, the company has now introduced two models of bicycles and a compact folding eScooter.

    Given that the design looks impressive and reliable, the model weighs only about 11 kg. At the same time, it is convenient in a couple of movements that develops without complicated mechanisms. An additional convenience is the saddle.

    Most projects are “tested” before running on crowdfunding. This is one of the latest developments of the company - FidgetPen, the collection of funds for whichcontinues on kickstarter .

    The fidget handle, like the cube and spiner in its time, is designed to improve concentration and focus. For this, the cap is magically magnets to the body. The idea is that many of us, when they are trying to solve some problem, twist the handle, gnaw the tip, etc.

    Here it is proposed to throw out the energy in a more amusing way: to catch the magnetic cap.

    The fidget handle is quite functional. For example, there is a version for those who like to flip a writing subject. It is also based on the "magnetic principle."

    Also, such a ring can simply twist to focus.

    And finally, you can twist the cap from the handle around the case.

    The magnetic case is also explained in terms of functionality, for example, it is convenient to mount such a handle on metal objects, and it will not be lost, as well as one of the ways to always have an accessory on hand - to attach to a laptop!

    Of the extra bonuses: pen writes erasable ink, and an eraser for this integrated into the body of the device.

    And as a result I

    must admit that Allocacoc makes quite funny and very useful gadgets that look beautiful, but do not lose their functionality.

    For seven years, the brand has tried itself in electrical and electronics, and now it begins to seem that this is the future Xiaomi, which will have a hand in everything that is possible, and there are a lot of unused niches among developers of cubes.

    “Cubic gadgets” are still the most popular, but recent projects rather indicate that Allocacoc is gradually ceasing to exploit this form. The brand is also represented in Russia, and if you are interested in dice, then we can offer a 20% discount on any of the models: HBRCUBE .

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